Stephanie G.

Stephanie G.


Please describe your past and current involvement in DSA. This may include your involvement in the metro D.C. chapter, another chapter, and/or work at the national level.

I am currently the Event Team Steward, a member of the AdCom, TechOps, OpSec and Vetting teams. I helped found the innovative TechRabbits team (aka RedSparrows) which support our RedRabbits during direct actions. I’ve been a member for over a year and became more active in the chapter over the summer.

Why do you believe that you are a good fit for this position?

I am a good fit for this position because, as a trans woman, I bring a unique perspective that is currently lacking on the Steering Committee. I have worked hard to bring innovative programs and solutions to problems facing the chapter. While my active time in the chapter has been modest, I have accomplished much more than this time would suggest and have put my mark on many aspects of the chapter for the better. I seek a variety of perspectives on issues to make decisions that are grounded in both evidence and the lived experience of marginalized voices because this is the best way to make decisions for a large and diverse group.

Lastly, I understand the severe security concerns facing our members have a plan to address them.

What do you hope to accomplish for the chapter if elected to this position?

I will make the security of our members, with a strong focus on marginalized people, both online and in-person a top priority. Recent events, and those likely to come, have shown that this is an urgent need and I intend to bring the same innovative approach and passion I’ve brought to other aspects of the chapter to create a robust security infrastructure to address the threats facing our comrades in the DMV. I want to address shortcomings of the chapter relating to how we handle progressive stack both online and in-person. In addition, I intend to center marginalized voices when discussing any issues facing the chapter because I feel such a focus is important, not nearly the priority it should be, and crucial to the growth of the chapter.

What pronouns do you use?


Would you describe yourself as a person of color?