Membership and Donations

Metro DC DSA is funded by dues-splitting with the national Democratic Socialists of America (we receive 20% of monthly dues paid to national by our members), as well as by direct donations made to the chapter.

Every dollar you donate goes to support the organizing efforts of Metro DC DSA. It helps us print chapter lit (posters, flyers, and zines), cover the cost of meeting room rental, put on trainings and events, and keep our members connected to each other.

Please note that because we are a 501(c)(4) organization, your donations are not tax deductible.


As a democratic, grassroots organization, DSA is continuing the political revolution for the long term. By paying dues, DSA members self-fund our own tools for liberation. JOIN AND BECOME A DUES PAYING MEMBER HERE.

In signing up, you will get a confirmation email with downloadable member resources which you will use to connect with the Metro DC DSA chapter.

Help us in our fight against inequality and fascism around Metro DC. Contributions will go to our working groups and direct actions around the city. DONATION DOES NOT CONSTITUTE MEMBERSHIP, USE THE ABOVE LINK TO BECOME A MEMBER.