Our Endorsement Process

MDC DSA is a democratic, member-led organization. This means that members have the opportunity to review, debate, discuss, and vote on any candidate as part of an extensive endorsement process.

All applications for endorsements are sent to our Endorsements Committee. Members of the chapter are then informed that we have received an application for endorsement. A formal resolution to endorse must then be moved at a subsequent general body meeting in compliance with chapter bylaws. The body will have an opportunity to consider and debate the resolution before the end of the voting period of the next scheduled general body meeting. During this time—typically about 30 days—any member, campaign-based working group, caucus, or branch, in coordination with the Endorsements Committee, may request that a candidate participate in additional vetting, including through a race-specific questionnaire, conference call interview, and/or in-person meeting. Conference calls and meet-and-greets typically take the form of a question-and-answer format.

All candidate responses, except those including personal contact information, will be made publicly available on this website.

Candidates who wish to apply for an endorsement must submit our chapter’s Standard Electoral Candidate Questionnaire for candidates and can do so using this form.

Candidates may download or create a copy of the full text of the standard questionnaire if they would like to draft or revise their responses prior to completing and submitting the form.

History of Our Electoral Program

Our members have knocked on more than 100,000 doors since the electoral program was relaunched in 2017. We’ve helped elect candidates as part of progressive and labor coalitions in Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. Our endorsed candidates have gone on to fight for legislation that expands public housing, caps insulin prices, repeals anti-union right to work laws, creates social wealth funds, bans revolving door lobbying, closes corporate tax loopholes, creates a universal basic income, exposes confidential police records, and more.

Our endorsements aren’t just a recommendation to our members to vote for a particular candidate, but a commitment to fight to get that candidate elected. We organize canvases, phone banks, text banking, poll coverage, press releases, rallies, and more to help our endorsed candidates win.