COVID-19 Resources

Metro DC DSA Coronavirus Response

This page synthesizes DC Area information, resources, and ongoing relief efforts related to COVID-19. This page is a work in progress and will be updated continiously. For questions, additional information, recommendations, or further guidance, please contact

DC Area News and Updates

Access the DC Government’s website for up to date public mandates, response, and relief.

Government Resources and Information

DC Guidelines and Information

Social Distancing Guidelines

Information for High Risk Residents and Seniors

Meal Location for Kids and Students

DC Medical Corps: volunteer to provide medical and non-medical support, mediated by the DC Government

Federal Guidance and Resources

CDC COVID-19 Index

CDC Information on COVID-19 Transmission

CDC Guidance on what to do if you are sick

CDC INformation on COVID-19 Cases

Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers

CDC Guidance on Stigma Reduction

Relief Efforts and Support

Information on where to get help, or where you can donate time and resources.

DC Area Mutual Aid Efforts

DC Mutual Aid Compendium – great resource for figuring out how to help and coordinate with your community, friends, and neighbors.

DC Neighborhood Pods How-To

COVID-19 Mutual Aid and Advocacy Resources

DC Area Relief Funds, Resources, and Organizations

Please be sure to review and confirm veracity before donating, contributing, or requesting funds.

Donate blood: Red Cross and Inova are dealing with shortages due to blood drives being cancelled

Capital Area Food Bank: fights hunger across the District.

Martha’s Table: food bank and family support to families in need.

Hook Hall Helps worker relief fund to support restaurant and food service industry workers

Miriam’s Kitchen: fights hunger and homelessness

So Others Might Eat: fights poverty and homelessness

We Are Family: supports inner-city seniors

Bread for the City: provides food, clothing, medical care, and legal and social services to reduce the burden of poverty in the DC community

General Information and Support

Information on Unemployment Compensation Changes

Coronavirus Tech Resource: crowd-resourced reference point for technologists.

OurStreets Supplies

Flatten the Curve – General Guidance about how COVID-19 spreads, why it matters to reduce trasmission, and what steps must be taken to make that happen.

How to Help Small Businesses and Communities

COVID-19 Freelance Artist Resources

DC relevant COVID-19 Insurance Insurance

DC Area Food Pantries

Additional Resources

Comic for Children on COVID-19

Self-care for COVID anxiety

COVID-19 Safer Drug Use

Resource compilation, tailored towards artists & organizers, compiled out of Baltimore