MDC DSA Weekly Update for Friday, September 13, 2019

Everything from this weekend’s events to calendars of MDC DSA and coalition allies’ events well into October; just what you need to fill out your socialist dance card. Plus Good Reads.


What you need to know — the MDC DSA Campaigns Fair Saturday, and lots more about the way September is unrolling on climate, DC government pushback, labor solidarity, migrant justice action –you’ll find it all here.

The MDC DSA Washington Socialist for Labor Day 2019

MDC DSA’s Washington Socialist for Labor Day, with local-member reporting on the 2019 national DSA Convention plus articles about DC and Maryland politics and Ursula Le Guin’s vision of socialism.

DSA National Convention 2019 Report Back

Throughout the 2019 Convention, there were many chances outside of debating resolutions and bylaws to connect with comrades across the organization, at hosted events and informal meetups. This was both a chance to learn from one another, and organize independently of the specific agenda of the convention.

DC Statehood Gets Hearing in House September 19

While proposals for DC statehood have been submitted in each Congress for decades, the current bill is the first to have been declared a priority by the Democratic leadership of both houses.

Books: Ursula K. Le Guin’s Vision of a Socialist Society in “The Dispossessed”

Ursula Le Guin’s anarcho-socialist planet Anarres provides the social backdrop for her landmark novel, “The Dispossessed.” How would a society like that live, every day, on this planet? An extrapolation.

How Dirty is Money? A Thought Experiment

Jeffrey Epstein made some contributions to the MIT Media Lab’s work. Discovery! Shock! Horror! But was his money particularly dirty?

Washington Socialist Article Index January-August 2019

All the articles published in the Washington Socialist since January 2019, sorted by topic and in reverse order of their original appearance.

Panel to fight high drug prices in Maryland stalled by Hogan while activists nationwide call for #PeopleOverPharma.

The Assembly passed a bill creating a panel to examine and if necessarily lower prescription drug prices in Maryland. The GOP governor, whose veto of the bill was overriden, has refused to release the funds appropriated, kicking off a nasty fight.

National DSA’s August Dispatch

News and alerts from the National Director and National DSA Staff, including National Political Committee actions since their election at the 2019 Convention