Metro DC DSA Weekly Update for Friday, April 19, 2019

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Metro DC DSA’s Weekly Update for Friday, April 12, 2019

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MDC DSA’s Washington Socialist monthly newsletter for April 2019

Metro DC DSA’s monthly newsletter, with articles from DC Statehood to Venezuela, from a Bernie Campaign roadmap to our comrades’ takes on the Regional Conference. All at your fingertips.

MDC DSA Chapter Delegates report on the Regional Conference

The MDC DSA Steering Committee and the Washington Socialist jointly invited delegates to the Regional Conference held March 16-17 to contribute reportbacks from the conference for the wider membership that could not attend. These responses were received.

“Standard Oil Awakens Them”: The Second Phase of the US Regime Change Operation in Venezuela

…the United States is the single largest source of the economic crisis within [Venezuela]. As the UN Independent Expert Alfred de Zayas noted in his report on the country back in September: “[N]on-conventional economic wars have been waged… in order to make [US target’s] economies fail, facilitate regime change and impose a neo-liberal socioeconomic model.”


So unlike in 1993, the odds appear good that a bill for DC statehood will pass the House of Representatives, a new first in the fight for equality for the District. And unfortunately, that’s where it will stop.

Cooperativism: The Need for a Proletarian Socialism

Only through the combination of labor in the cooperative, the proletarian enterprise, can humanity walk the path to liberation of mind, body, and spirit. Begging at the hand of the wealthy can no sooner revolutionize the mode of production and social relations than a peasant kissing the feet of a king. It is time for the working class to take their fate into their own hands.

Imagining an MDC DSA Bernie 2020 Campaign: It’s Not Just About Bernie

…not a lot has been published yet on what a DSA for Bernie 2020 campaign would actually look like. And while many have written about the transformative power a Bernie presidency would have on the US political landscape, less discussed is the transformative potential such a campaign might have on our organization. The Sanders campaign revived DSA in 2016, and if we are prepared to seize the opportunity, it may again.

Bernie Campaign 2: An Independent Campaign Strategy to Build Our Organization

At 60,000 members, with infrastructure and serious organizing experience across the country, DSA is in a unique position to step into this political space, and channel this organizing energy behind an explicitly socialist program. …to build an organizing community for volunteers excited by the Sanders campaign that includes socialist political education, builds local electoral campaigns, and keeps this energy in the socialist movement past Election Day.