Metro DC DSA Weekly Update for Friday, October 18, 2019

If you have a canvassing deficit, this is the weekend to recoup. An appeal to shoe leather (as folks used to say before the low-cut hiker became the gear of choice) is right up front here — plus other action, future events and utopian practices.


Lots to do this weekend and beyond for socialists and radicals of all varieties. Fill out your dance card here.

Metro DC DSA Weekly Update for October 4, 2019

Events and actions for this weekend and beyond.


…we can drown out the politics of fear and division. That’s when we win things like quality housing we can afford, clean water for our kids, and a secure retirement for all. That’s when we transform society to put people before profits.

Metro DC DSA’s Washington Socialist monthly newsletter for October 2019

Articles on the GDR, DC Statehood, the Working Families endorsement of Elizabeth Warren and the urgency of climate action. Plus the road map for a radical October, all in your hands.

The Working Families Party, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders

How do we continue to build support for Sanders, the movement, politics, and values his campaign has come to represent without attacking or alienating those who have come to a different decision?

DC Statehood Hearing:  Civil Rights Clashes with GOP Partisanship

While being a socialist isn’t required to support statehood for the District, the cause does demand the support and involvement of all true socialists.  For the United States cannot be called a democratic nation when its government exercises colonial domination over 702,000 American citizens, without voting representation in Congress or control over their own laws, outside its front door.


…while you have invited me to speak as a scientist, I’m going to take off that hat and instead speak as a human being on a planet that is dying. On a planet that is burning. As a mother who looks at her children and fears for their future. For the frightening world my grandchildren will be living in. Because make no mistake – we are talking about a terrible future if we don’t act.

Different Worlds:  Life in the German Democratic Republic — A Review of Talks and Writing by Victor Grossman/Stephen Wechsler  

[Grossman] writes of how when his wife visited the US (her first time in the West) after the Wall came down, she was shocked at the sight of beggars, for she had never before seen people so desperate for a meal.  Quoting FDR that “necessitous men are not free men,” Victor argued that this fundamental right is all too often forgotten and that in this the contrast between capitalism and the socialism they were trying to build in the GDR are most clearly to be found.

Metro DC DSA’s Weekly Update for Friday, September 27, 2019

Socialist Night School is back, a discussion of the WFP Warren Endorsement, GBM election results, plus many more events and activities for socialists in the DMV. Resistance is hardly futile but this aggregation is irresistible.