Metro DC DSA Weekly Update for Friday, January 24, 2020

Your guide to the coming week, radically speaking, in the DMV. Check out the Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America Weekly Update — and stop missing stuff you didn’t know about in time…

Metro DC DSA Weekly Update for Friday, January 17, 2020

It’s about labor victories, it’s about Bernie’s pending victory, it’s about what’s happening today, tomorrow and even in February. Count on your Update.

Metro DC DSA Weekly Update for Friday, January 10, 2020

Your mid-January guide to socialist and left activities and ideas in the DMV.


New year, same old socialism. You got a problem with that? Here is MDC DSA’s January Washington Socialist, including events and action reports to keep you up on where the red banner is headed — so you can follow.

Socialism in the US Presidential Race — A Japanese Media Perspective

Support for a “big government” similar to the ones in Northern Europe based on social democracy has increased among the millennial generation and even among teenagers. Earlier this month on December 6, at a demonstration advocating for environmental protection in downtown Washington, there was a line of high school students holding up a banner that read “No More Business as Usual”.

Planting Seeds: to Defeat Trump, to Transform Society

The search for what binds us in action is what we need to break out of our present-day political impasse.  Organizing around commonalities … is precisely the place where Seed the Vote begins by implementing an organizing strategy that goes out into communities beyond what conventional politics, pollsters or tweeters ever think of reaching

NOVA DSA’s 2019 — Achievements and Anticipations

…a tide of discontent and dissatisfaction has brought the Democratic Party to power in the General Assembly, but Virginians should be ready for disappointment if they do not fight for change beyond making their mark at the ballot box.

Socialist Heritage Caucus Examines Past of DSA and the Left

The Caucus mission statement cited its purpose as the exploration of “the history of DSA both locally and nationally, as well as the history of left politics and culture locally, nationally and internationally, in order to provide a historic perspective that can contribute to the present-day thinking and practices of Metro-DC DSA.”

Thom Hartmann: Is It Time To Regulate Or Nationalize Facebook?

While Facebook is currently embroiled in a controversy over whether it’s wrong for it to allow Trump’s political advertising that contains naked lies, the debate over fully or partially nationalizing the platform has gotten much less coverage.

Medicare For All Or Endless War? It’s Our Choice

…war profiteers endanger our safety AND cost the US taxpayer massive amounts that can be redirected to human needs, including the one that most voters rank first — fixing the broken health care system with Medicare for All, not half-measures.