MDC DSA Weekly Update for February 16-23 2018

What’s Happened, What Will Happen, What’s Happening — what you need for the week and beyond

Metro DC DSA Weekly Update for February 9-16 2018

Agenda for our Feb. 11 General Body Meeting and texts of several resolutions to be presented to the members for passage; plus action reports on MoCo’s challenge to the county budget and continuing coverage of MDC DSA’s ongoing campaigns.

Roundup: MoCo branch MDC DSA protests the concessions to Amazon in Exec’s budget, and other MDC DSA campaigns

MoCo branch activists take on County Executive Ike Leggett as his own pre-cooked budget presentation, and it gets noticed. Also campaigns on ANCs urging the city to dump Wells Fargo as its bank; defending the comprehensive plan revision against developer influence, and more…

MDC DSA Weekly Update Feb. 9-16, 2018: Calendar of chapter and allied events

MDC DSA and allied activities in the DMV for February 2018; your socialist social calendar

Welcome to the February 2018 issue of the Washington Socialist

MDC DSA’s February in prospect: YDSA Winter Conference hits town, campaigns continue, educational work in and out of the organization, much more.

Calendar of events for February 2018 — Metro DC DSA and Allied Organizations

MDC DSA Calendar of Events for February 2018 Saturday, February 3, Migrant Justice Working Group Meeting  2–4 PM Location: TBA With increasing ICE raids and targeting of leading activists, and the failure of Democrats to defend Dreamers, the migrant justice working group urges you to come to this important planning meeting. Watch Facebook for the […]


The Washington Socialist <> February 2018 By Bill Mosley For those readers who watch football, if only to predict which extra-hard hits will lead to traumatic brain damage in some player’s future, some might tune in to the upcoming Super Bowl wondering if any players will “take a knee” during the pregame performance of “The […]

After California Fire & Mud Disaster, How Should Society (& Socialists) Prevent Even Worse to Come?

As author Mike Davis tells the writer, ““This is why it so important, when attributing disasters to global warming, to equally emphasize the market-driven forces that put so many millions of people in harms’ way. Indeed, even without climate change, California with its growing population and a system of land use regulation controlled by markets and developers would still experience more and more mega-fires and multi-billion-dollar floods and earthquakes.”

The Future China-U.S. Competition and Democratic Socialism

An opportunity for the left today is to show that democratic socialism is not only just, but also more functional at building a strong and resourceful country than neoliberal capitalism or China’s state mercantilism.

How Maryland Systematically Criminalizes Poverty: Summary of a Report from the Jobs Opportunity Task Force

This report reveals that many of Maryland’s current laws, enforcement schemes, monetary penalties and related policies and practices disproportionately criminalize the poor, with disproportionate impact on communities of color.