Public Statements and Press Releases

On December 21, 2017, six defendants of the J20 Inauguration Day trials were found not guilty on all charges, including five felonies and two misdemeanors. Throughout the trial, the prosecution has admitted they had no substantial evidence that any defendants actually committed the acts for which they were charged. Metro DC DSA applauds this victory […]
Metro DC DSA is proud to join our national leadership in endorsing the upcoming March for Racial Justice and the March for Black Women events on Saturday, September 30, 2017. The joint marches are intended to highlight the ongoing struggles for racial justice and racial equality for people of color and indigenous people, as well […]

Metro DC DSA will be at the Juggalo March on Washington this Saturday, September 16. Juggalos were classified as a “hybrid gang” in 2011, and are taking to the streets this weekend to take a stand against state repression.

Metro DC DSA members will offer cold Faygo and snacks to our clown comrades, and will provide information on socialism to whomever wants it. Read our chapter’s full statement on the march here

Lee Carter is running for the Virginia House of Delegates, representing the 50th district.

To volunteer for the campaign, click here!

The Steering Committee of the Metro D.C. Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America has voted to endorse the Veteran’s Working Group Statement of Danny Fetonte and the NPC, in particular the call for Danny Fetonte to resign from the NPC. The vote results were four in favor of the endorsement with Merrill, Jose and Jessie […]
The Metro D.C. Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America condemns fascism and those who are complicit with their silence. We were proud to join with our comrades and must redouble our efforts to unite the left in the face of fascism. The hate on display in Charlottesville this weekend must be countered everywhere, all […]
Healthcare is a human right. Come join Metro DC DSA in nightly demonstrations from June 26 through June 29 at Lower Senate Park to tell Congress that the AHCA must not pass.
Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America stands in solidarity with No Justice No Pride. We support their resistance to a corporate Capital Pride that excuses the destructive nature of capitalism on queer and trans individuals. We echo their call for a Capital Pride leadership not dominated by cisgender, white, upper-class men, and we stand with […]