Janeese Lewis George Wins Election to D.C. Council


Janeese Lewis George Wins Election to D.C. Council

DATE: Wednesday, November 4, 2020
: For all press inquiries, please contact media@mdcdsa.org.

The Metro D.C. chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) congratulates our chapter member and endorsed candidate Janeese Lewis George on her election to represent Ward 4 on the D.C. Council. Janeese’s grassroots, people-powered victories, both in the primary and in the general election, show that Ward 4 residents are tired of the big business and developer-friendly politics dominating the Wilson Building. Metro D.C. DSA is confident that George will be an elected leader who stands with the working class.

As a new member of the D.C. Council, George will fight for expanded rent control, quality public education for all people, defunding of the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), and an end to homelessness in the city. We are proud that Ward 4 residents voiced their support for these policies in this election and that, as their representative on the council, George will fight to make a better city for all D.C. residents.

Metro D.C. DSA also wishes to express solidarity with Ed Lazere and Mysiki Valentine, who were endorsed as candidates for D.C. Council at-large and State Board of Education at-large, respectively. As candidates who participated in D.C.’s inaugural Fair Elections program, Lazere and Valentine never accepted any corporate donations, and their campaigns helped elevate and center the demands of working people. Over the past few months, chapter members mobilized to make more than 35,000 calls, delivered campaign literature in various neighborhoods across D.C., and engaged in voter outreach at polling stations and public spaces across the city out of inspiration for Lazere and Valentine’s bold defiance against the corporate interests that dominate D.C. politics. We are honored to stand with them and will continue to fight for democratic socialist principles alongside them.

As we continue to protest police brutality, evictions, and growing inequality across the city amid a devastating recession and ongoing pandemic, we urge the council to listen to the demands of activists, community organizations, and everyday people who are demanding bold, systemic changes for community safety and stability.

“Congratulations to Janeese Lewis George on her victory, and thank you to the chapter members who worked so hard to volunteer for her campaign,” said Metro D.C. DSA Chair Irene Koo. “We look forward to working with George to build a truly equitable city and to make the D.C. Council representative of working people, not developers, lobbyists, or an oppressive police force.”