Metro DC DSA Helps #ShutDownDC for Climate Justice

MDCDSA members march carrying a banner that says "Capitalism is killing the planet"

Metro DC DSA joined dozens of environmental, racial, and economic justice organizations in shutting down DC for climate justice on September 23.

Youth climate activists called for a global week of action to coincide with UN climate talks in New York. And they invited everyone, regardless of age, to speak out. In response, the Shut Down DC coalition blocked dozens of city intersections during Monday morning rush hour.

Our goal was to bring business as usual to a standstill—and we succeeded. Blockades crippled large parts of the downtown area where many of the world’s most egregious climate criminals have offices.  The action drew sympathetic media coverage and centered public attention on the need for urgent action to address the climate crisis.

Police arrested nearly three dozen people—including college students and Black Lives Matter activists—before releasing them later that day.

Among the participating groups were Extinction Rebellion DC, 350 DC, Black Lives Matter DMV, Labor Network for Sustainability, Rising Tide, Werk for Peace, Code Pink, Chesapeake Climate Action Network Action Fund, Sunrise Movement DC, and Friends of the Earth Action.

Metro DC DSA and labor movement allies held an intersection near Amazon’s DC lobbying headquarters and joined other coalition partners in blocking traffic at the American Petroleum Institute, also known as the fossil fuel lobby.

The DSA-Labor group appeared in Al Jazeera, CBS News, and the New York Times. A senior Trump administration official took time out of his busy schedule terrorizing climate refugees to complain about our giant red “capitalism is killing the planet” banner.

The Shut Down DC Coalition adopted the five demands put forward by youth climate activists, namely: Protection for indigenous lands; Green New Deal; a just transition into a green energy economy; protection of biodiversity; and sustainable agriculture.

We’re helping build a movement to fight the fossil fuel billionaires and reinvent our economy through massive investment in green energy. To join us, email the Metro DC DSA ecosocialist caucus at and visit

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