Resolution 20-05-R02: IN FAVOR – Dan H.


for Resolution 20-05-R02

Hi everyone! I’ve been a member of this chapter for about three and a half years and while I used to be extremely involved in multiple working groups, I’ve had to cut back on my involvement due to other time commitments and burnout. I’m really excited about our current trajectory, though.

I think during our endorsement discussion we didn’t touch enough on the core visions behind each candidate’s political identity and theory of change. As I see it, the argument for Ed’s endorsement is that in an alliance with labor and majority-white left-liberal groups such as the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Jews United for Justice and DC for Democracy, we will have the best possible chance of winning an at-large seat, and then could win a few more seats (and potentially a left-liberal council majority) with the same strategy if we repeat it.

Meanwhile, Will’s argument is that win or lose, his campaign is a launchpad for a longer-term campaign for housing justice led by the Black working class, many of whom live east of the Anacostia River in Wards 7 and 8 where DSA and our liberal allies currently don’t have much traction. I think Will might admit that this may not be achievable in one or even two election cycles but would argue that the longer we work with him to organize tenants and the more support we give him now, the more likely the effort will be to succeed and the more connections we will make with Black organizers east of the River.

Which of these visions is likelier to succeed in the longer term? Is DSA working in a coalition with largely white, upper-class groups to our right like PCCC and JUFJ likely to result in a District that serves working class interests? Is a Council race the correct way to amplify the work of a longtime housing organizer with proven ties to Black working class tenants like the residents of Brookland Manor? Those are the questions that I think these endorsements hinge upon. I’m not sure which is more likely to succeed, so I’ll vote to endorse both.