November 3, 2023

November 3, 2023



  • Fascist Israel continues its genocide in the Middle East; American working class convenes in DC for fourth week of mass protests against US government’s complicity

  • Tenants in Ward 8 fight to save their home in Marbury Plaza — tenants to rally at the Wilson Building on Monday, November 6 at 10am

  • Metro DC DSA Fall Happy Hour at Lyman’s Tavern — TODAY, November 3, 5pm

Fascist Israel continues its genocide in the Middle East; American working class convenes in DC for fourth week of mass protests against US government’s complicity

Working classes of the world continue to recoil in horror at the Israeli government’s depraved slaughter of the Gazan people. The death toll in Gaza continues to soar — the Gazan Ministry of Health reports well over eight thousand dead, and the UN reports that well over half the Gazan population has been displaced. Earlier this week, the Israeli Army’s invasion of Gaza followed their shelling of hospitals, refugee camps, schools and previously identified evacuation routes. A Gazan gateway to Egypt for dual-nationals and the seriously injured has opened, but many Gazans worry that fleeing the onslaught will lead to permanent displacement, as has often been the case with Palestinian refugees absent a right of return. Within the state of Israel’s actual borders, the government has begun to crack down on Israeli dissidents, officials have initiated a suppression campaign in its universities, and freedom of speech and assembly have been cracked down writ-large in the Potemkin democracy.

Meanwhile, America’s working class — led by Palestinian-led groups and movements from coast to coast — continues to react with rage and horror over the Biden Administration’s failure to curtail Israel’s savagery. A White House spokesperson compared those protesting Israel’s genocide to white supremacists and neo-Nazis (though many high-profile protests for ceasefire have been organized by anti-zionist Jews in the United States). The Biden Administration also announced plans to crack down on student groups on campus, spuriously associating them with terrorism and anti-semitism. Correspondingly, support for Biden has plummeted: A recent Gallup poll showed an 11-point dip among Democrats and 4-points among Independents, resulting in a record-low approval rating of just 37% across the country. Among Arab voters, populations of whom are concentrated in swing states such as Michigan and Virginia, support for Biden has dropped to just 17%, down from 56% back in 2020.

A battle on Capitol Hill is also taking shape. House legislation would send over $14.3 billion in war-funding to Israel. As part of their NO Money for Massacres campaign, DSA has demanded that Congressional reps vote NO on any additional military aid to Israel. Over 1,000 Democratic Socialists have made over 190,000 calls to Congressional offices demanding an immediate ceasefire. So far, 18 members of Congress, which includes all DSA endorsed Congressional reps, have signed onto the US ceasefire resolution. As of Thursday evening, only one Senator (Durbin-IL) has called for a ceasefire in the US Senate, common sense eluding the chamber’s left — Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have so far failed to endorse a ceasefire.

National DSA has endorsed tomorrow’s National March on Washington: Free Palestine, starting at 2pm at Freedom Plaza. The march is aiming to bring tens of thousands of people from across the country to DC to demand an end to the siege of Gaza, the United States’ funding for Israel and a free Palestine. To get meet-up information and connect with fellow Metro DC DSA comrades for the march, visit the #Steering channel on the chapter Slack. The DSA will be meeting near the northwest corner of Freedom Plaza at 1:45pm.

Tenants in Ward 8 fight to save their home in Marbury Plaza — tenants to rally at the Wilson Building on Monday, November 6 at 10am

Tenants at Marbury Plaza, Ward 8’s largest apartment complex, have been fighting for dignified conditions for years with support from Stomp Out Slumlords organizers. They have gone on rent strike and pushed the DC government to sue their landlord, winning millions of dollars in rent reductions. But now the owner of Marbury Plaza has declared bankruptcy, allowing him to sidestep DC’s tenant right to purchase law (TOPA) and sell the building to the highest bidder without tenants having a say.

Marbury tenants have fought too long for another bad landlord to buy the property and maintain the status quo. They have lived here too long to have a potential new buyer try to displace them. Now they are calling on the DC government to save Marbury Plaza by taking control of the building, repairing it and converting it to social housing run in the interest of the people, not for a new landlord’s profit. This is a fight for tenants across DC and beyond — if we win at Marbury Plaza, we will establish a new model of truly affordable housing outside the grip of the landlord class. 

DSA members and allies are encouraged to join Marbury Plaza Tenants United for Change and Stomp Out Slumlords for a rally at the Wilson Building (1350 Pennsylvania Ave NW) on Monday, November 6 at 10am. Sign up here and spread the word.

Metro DC DSA Fall Happy Hour at Lyman’s Tavern — TODAY, November 3, 5pm

Join Metro DC DSA for a happy hour at Lyman’s Tavern in DC TONIGHT, Friday, November 3 from 5 to 8pm. Gather with comrades for drinks, conversation and camaraderie. Members and non-members welcome — RSVP here.


DMV socialists mobilize education events, rallies in support of Palestine

In addition to this weekend’s mass march, you can find additional Palestinian Solidarity events over the next few weeks:

  • At 11am on Sunday, November 5 in Rockville, a multi-faith rally is convening to call for immediate ceasefire among other important demands. Event to include chapter member and Maryland State Delegate Gabe Acevero. Sign up here.
  • At 8pm on Sunday, DSA’s National Labor Commission will be holding a workshop to teach union members how to win a pro-Palestine ceasefire resolution in your local union or central labor council. RSVP here.
  • On Wednesday, November 15 at 6pm, come out to the Cleveland Park Library for a Palestine 101 Socialist Night School. Attendees will review the history of Palestine, Zionism, the founding of Israel and the movement to liberate Palestine. The session is tailored to those who are looking for an accessible entry into this complex issue as well as those experienced but looking for a stronger foundation. Sign up in advance here. The event will also contain a virtual component for those who cannot attend in person.

UAW reaches tentative agreements with Big Three automakers, aims at Tesla

Following the tentative agreement reached with Ford last week, the UAW has reached additional agreements with General Motors and Stellantis. Reported gains include reopening an idled plant, significant wage hikes, a commitment to adding jobs — the union said Stellantis entered bargaining with an aim to cut jobs — and much more. The rank-and-file, of course, will have the final say. Read recaps from Jacobin and Common Dreams. And further: Bloomberg reported earlier this week that “Tesla’s roughly 20,000-worker plant in Fremont, California currently has a UAW organizing committee whose members are talking to coworkers about the advantages of collective bargaining.” The UAW has reportedly offered to provide organizers with all the resources they need to unionize Tesla’s electric car factory in Fremont, an effort that would pit an invigorated UAW against a company run by aggressive union-buster Elon Musk.

Montgomery County Rent Stabilization Wheatpasting — Tomorrow, Saturday, November 4

This past summer, tenants in Montgomery County notched a huge victory with the passage of a landmark rent stabilization law that limits rent increases to 6% or less annually. That law is currently in effect, although the Montgomery County Department of Housing and Community Affairs is not enforcing the law until regulations are finalized in 2024. Meanwhile, the work continues as Montgomery County DSA works to get the word out to tenants in the county so that they know their rights when/if their landlord tries to raise their rent by more than 6%. Join the Montgomery County branch for one of two wheatpasting events in renter-heavy parts of the county this Saturday. We will gather in Germantown at 10:30am and in downtown Silver Spring at noon. For more information, RSVP here.

Are you a Montgomery County renter experiencing an increase of more than 6%? Contact or 240-394-7732. You can also read more about the rent stabilization law here.


We Power DC to join CM Zachary Parker at press conference announcing Environmental Justice Amendment Act of 2023 — Monday, November 6

Join We Power DC and the coalition of environmental justice organizations in DC who spearheaded this bill at Councilmember Parker’s press conference in Ivy City on November 6 at 1pm to announce the introduction of the “Environmental Justice Amendment Act of 2023” before the DC council. This bill will protect District residents from ongoing and future threats to their health and environment from the combined and cumulative impacts of large- and small-scale sources of pollution in their neighborhoods. Black, Brown, immigrant and working-class neighborhoods are forced to bear much of the burden of pollution in the District — from traffic, industry, waste facilities, freight trains, scrap yards and countless other sources of harm. 

This bill would protect these communities by making it more difficult to build, expand or re-permit polluting facilities in neighborhoods that are overburdened by pollution and adverse health and climate-related impacts. It would also mandate the writing of a “cumulative impacts statement” for any proposed project requiring a new or renewed permit in communities that face a disproportionately high level of environmental and public health stressors. 

Socialists interested in taking part in the event can email to jump on the line.

Reproductive Justice monthly open meeting — Wednesday, November 8

The Repro Justice Working Group is holding its monthly open meeting at Midlands Beer Garden, starting at 6:30pm on Wednesday, November 8. Join comrades and discuss an article on reproductive justice (article to be determined) over drinks. Come early, come late, come all.

NoVA Branch Monthly Organizing Meeting — Thursday, November 9

The NoVA Branch Monthly Organizing Meeting will take place on Thursday, November 9, starting at 6:30pm. All Branch members are highly encouraged to attend. You will hear updates from working groups, welcome new members and learn how to get involved. Join either in-person or on Zoom. RSVP for the details.

Nuts and Bolts: Training on How to Hold Effective Meetings — Thursday, November 9

Sign up now to attend the “How to Hold Effective Meetings” training this coming Thursday, November 9, held online. The training will teach you principles of convening, holding, facilitating and managing discussion and debate at organizing meetings. If you are organizing for a better world, you will need to host and attend meetings along the way, and this training will make you much better at both. There will be opportunities for questions and discussion and trainers can work with you after the session to assist you with any future meetings. RSVP here for this or the final training in the fall Nuts and Bolts series.

Save the date for our chapter’s November General Body Meeting and December Local Convention November 12 and December 9 – 10

Clear your calendars for our chapter’s next organizational meetings. First, on November 12, is our hybrid general body meeting, which convenes all chapter members bi-monthly. Workgroups, caucuses, committees, and leadership provide key updates on campaigns and other activities, including the chapter’s Local Convention in December. Members may also propose and vote on business. Members, potential members, and supporters alike are welcome to attend — RSVP here.

December 9 –10 will mark our chapter’s annual Local Convention, an opportunity for the full chapter to introduce, debate and vote live on general resolutions, bylaw amendments and other considerations for the chapter. Any electoral endorsement questionnaires that are submitted will also be debated during this two-day convention. The Steering election for the 2024 term will occur concurrently with convention and will be managed by a separately constituted internal election department. The convention will likely be in a hybrid format, pending any COVID or safety concerns. 

Anyone who would like to participate in the chapter’s Local Convention must be a member in good standing, and have been a member in good standing for at least 30 days from the start of convention. Keep an eye out for an email from the chapter to see if you are eligible or if you need to renew your dues. If you are interested in following along with debate ahead of local convention, make sure to send your most recent dues receipt to to join the chapter Slack. If you are interested in getting involved with convention planning, please reach out to or on the #steering channel on Slack.


MDC DSA Publications Schedule: November’s Updates are scheduled to appear on Fridays as always: the 10th, 17th and 24th. The December issue of the Washington Socialist zine/newsletter appears Friday, December 1.

Would you like to participate in MDC DSA’s publications? We write, we edit, we design, we do the tech — there are so many ways your hand could lighten the load. Check us out on #publications and let us know what you would like to write, or write about, or …? If you would like to see something included in the Update, suggestions can be submitted to the tip line.

Quick reference links for MDC DSA:

And, “live from our studio,” Wednesday, November 8th, 8 – 9pm | Why You Should Join DSA/New Member Orientation with Q&A avails.



Art Build, National March on Washington to Free Palestine | DC Fair Food

Build your signs before the Free Palestine march with your fellow advocates at DC Fair Food (DCFF) this Saturday, November 4 from 10am to 1pm at the Mt. Pleasant Farmers Market — look for DCFF just outside the actual market plaza. Don’t have any friends to join you at the march? Make some at the art build and/or head down with DCFF afterwards.

Save the Rock Creek Trees | Casey Trees

The forest cover (1,200 trees!) in the Rock Creek Golf Course, which provides significant ecosystem services and habitat benefits to visitors and wildlife, is under threat. Thanks to public pressure, the comment period for this project has been extended through this Saturday night. Submit a comment here telling the National Park Service to re-evaluate and protect our precious trees. See Casey Tree’s’ instagram to learn more and for an optional comment template.

Turnip Tour | The Capital Market

Saturday, November 4 will be the last stop of Capital Market’s Turnip Tour, a mobile food experience centering resilient communities, local farms, cultural heritage and joy along the Central Avenue – Blue Line Corridor. Also a celebration of Maryland’s Emancipation Day, this event is an opportunity to engage with the community, check out local vendors and grab some good grub. The event will be at the Ridgley Rosenwald School (8507 Central Ave, Capital Heights, MD) from 10am to 2pm.

DC Solidarity Economy Loan Fund | Beloved Community Incubator

Beloved Community Incubator (BCI), a nonprofit that supports worker cooperatives and other worker-directed projects, will be publicly launching its DC Solidarity Economy Loan Fund (DC SELF) — a loan program designed to boost and support budding economic cooperatives in the DC area. The launch event, which will take place on November 9 from 6 to 8pm, can be found here. All interested in cooperative economics, non-extractive finance models and building out a solidarity economy are invited to attend. BCI works to build a solidarity economy led by poor and working class workers of color.

The Garage Gala | Live from the Garage

Live from the Garage will be hosting a concert fundraiser for Ikemba Foods and Remora House DC, two local mutual aid groups committed to providing assistance for those in need in DC. Doors open at 7pm on November 10.


Would you rather feel safe or be safe? From 730DC, a study of DC Justice Lab’s approach to transforming public conceptions of safety and justice: harnessing and organizing community.

Chicago Is Considering Opening a Municipal Grocery Store. Led by labor-backed mayor Brandon Johnson, Chicago could become the first big city in the US to open a publicly owned grocery store. “…the store is being assigned the public policy purpose of ensuring that all or most Chicagoans live within a certain proximity of a full-service grocery store.” Not as a revenue source. Our comrade Matt Bruenig outlines the varied fates of other such attempts in Jacobin, via Portside.

What Does It Mean to Call Israel an Apartheid State? “So why have Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, the Israeli human rights group Bet’selem and many others declared Israel to be an apartheid state? One of the central tenets of the South African system was dispossession from the land and control of resources by white settlers. Israel has replicated this process.” The Indypendent’s writer Ellen Davidson details many more parallels. Via Portside.

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Sits Down with The Nation: Cuba President Miguel Díaz-Canel conducted his first-ever interview with an American outlet — and an extensive one at that — during a visit to New York this year, sharing his thoughts on the future of Cuban socialism, the US blockade and the economic difficulties Cubans face as a result of said blockade. This comes on the heels of a multi-tendency National DSA delegation’s trip to Cuba, which is overviewed here.

Poor Kids and War Pigs. Innovation and capitalism doesn’t fuel the American economy or its powerful military. A steady reserve of poor kids does. From Compact Magazine.

Israel and Hamas were inches away from a hostage deal. What went wrong? From Middle East Eye, reporting on the hostage negotiations between Israel, Hamas, the United States and Qatar.

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