Northern Virginia

Democratic Socialists of America Northern Virginia Branch Manifesto

The American economy no longer works for most people. We see shuttered factories, crumbling infrastructure, and increasingly unaffordable homes, while the rich keep getting richer. Most do not enjoy the fruits of their labor. Instead, the class interests of corporate and financial elites are paramount. Inequality grows as our democracy transforms into an increasingly rigid class society governed in the interests of a globalized plutocracy.

Democratic socialists share a vision of a humane social order based on worker ownership and control of industry, an equitable distribution of resources, meaningful work, a healthy environment, gender and racial equality, and mutually uplifting relationships.

  • Freedom from Want by way of an Economic Bill of Rights
    • The right to meaningful work
    • The right to a just income in return for labor that provides a high standard of living for all
    • The right to decent and affordable housing
    • The right to a secure and comfortable retirement that ensures dignity in old age
    • The right to medical care guaranteed by the public and free
    • The right to be free from the domination of private corporations unanswerable to the public
    • The right to ample leisure time, including parental leave
  • A Share for All in Economic Governance
    • The promotion of economic and workplace democracy
    • Direction by the people as a whole over the course of economic development
    • Creation and expansion of consumer and worker cooperatives
    • Transform finance into a public utility through public banks and credit unions
  • Universal Public Education
    • Free technical and university education for all and the elimination of student debt
    • Abolition of racial and class segregation in primary and secondary schooling
    • Universal preschool
  • Freedom of Speech and Assembly
    • Support for the associations of labor, consumers, and oppressed people and solidarity with their struggles
    • Organization to achieve the common interests of working people
  • The Liberation of Oppressed and Marginalized People, including:
    • For people of color: Accountability in policing and the end of mass incarceration, and acknowledgment and correction of the lasting impacts of imperialism, slavery, and segregation
    • For women: the right to bodily autonomy, freedom from sexual domination, and the right to equal pay
    • For migrants: protection of human rights of all people regardless of citizenship
    • For LGBTQ people: End to discrimination based on sexual preference and identity
    • For people with disabilities: end to discrimination in services and employment
  • The Right of All to Vote and to Equal Representation
    • Equal representation in legislatures
    • Eliminate all barriers to voting, including discriminatory ID and registration requirements
    • Public funding of elections and campaigns
  • Environmental Stewardship
    • Transition to clean and renewable energy and eliminate fossil fuels
    • Work internationally to address the existential threat of global climate change
  • International Relations Based on Human Rights, Equality, and Democracy
    • Foreign policies based on international labor solidarity to promote peace, security, and social justice
    • End the military-industrial complex and wars of choice

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