Resolution 20-09-R02

Resolution 20-09-R02
Endorse Mysiki Valentine for 2020 D.C. SBOE At-Large


Whereas, the general election will occur in the District of Columbia on November 3, 2020;

Whereas, Mysiki Valentine – a Metro D.C. DSA member since 2017, former teacher, and current Advocacy Manager for the D.C. Fair Budget Coalition – has applied for Metro D.C. DSA’s endorsement of his campaign for the at-large seat on the D.C. State Board of Education by completing an endorsement questionnaire;

Whereas, according to Mysiki Valentine’s completed questionnaire, once on the Board of Education, Mysiki would support ending the school-to-prison pipeline, removing police from D.C. schools, advocating for new and existing worker organizing campaigns in D.C. charter schools, and holding charter schools accountable through new transparency measures;

Whereas, before debating and voting on this resolution in August, members of our chapter will have an opportunity to ask questions of the candidate in at least one conference call question-and-answer session;

Whereas, based on previous efforts to support endorsed candidates in similar local- and state-level elections, members of Metro D.C. DSA have shown that we can rally the level of support necessary to help endorsed candidates win their races, despite extremely well-funded opposition;

Whereas, the sponsors of this resolution recommend expanding the scope of and renaming the 2020 D.C. Council Election Working Group to include organizing chapter support for all candidates running in D.C. local elections in 2020;

Whereas, the existence of this electoral working group will provide the framework necessary for planning support of simultaneously endorsed candidates and prevent a situation in which candidates and/or DSA members are competing with each other for volunteers or other chapter resources, thus ensuring that volunteer time and resources are used to maximize the collective benefit of all endorsed candidates.

Therefore, be it resolved that the general body of the Metro D.C. Democratic Socialists of America:

1. Endorses Mysiki Valentine in his campaign for the at-large seat on the D.C. State Board of Education