Resolution 20-08-R01

Resolution 20-08-R01
Create By-Laws Reform Commission


Whereas, Metro DC DSA will hold a Local Convention at the end of this year;

Whereas, the membership of this chapter elected a Steering Committee on commitments which included a comprehensive review of the chapter bylaws;

Whereas, there are serious issues with the chapter bylaws including inconsistencies between the actually-existing institutional structure of the chapter and the text of the bylaws, prior issues with record-keeping leading to an inability to know with certainty what the bylaws actually state;

Whereas, it is prudent to occasionally review the governance of a democratic organization in a more comprehensive sense with a view to providing members with the most effective, accountable and democratic structure for carrying out our collective political priorities.

*Therefore, be it resolved that the Steering Committee of the Metro D.C. Democratic Socialists of America:

  • Creates a Bylaws Reform Commission which shall be chaired by the Steering Committee member assigned the portfolio of overseeing bylaws reform;
  • Appoints Peter G. as Chair and Nat S., Conor A., Frank F., and Zack M. as members;
  • Requests that members of the Steering Committee prepare a written submission suggesting updates to the bylaws as it pertains to their assigned portfolios, where this is relevant;
  • Requests that chapter members prepare written submissions suggesting updates to the bylaws that they believe are necessary;
  • Informs chapter bodies preparing for the Local Convention that a major revision of the bylaws is likely to be proposed by the Bylaws Reform Commission, and asks that they correspond with the Commission about any potential deadlines and logistical issues;
  • Requests that the Bylaws Reform Commission hold at least three open meetings to solicit member input and feedback, and generally to engage as widely as possible with the membership of the chapter in discussions about the bylaws;
  • Intends that the final report as adopted will be introduced at the Local Convention (with the exception of any spelling, grammar or minor editorial amendments to preserve the intent of the authors);
  • Commits, as the elected leadership of the chapter who will be tasked with implementing any revised bylaws, to review the Commission’s final report before the Local Convention.