Resolution 20-07-R01

Resolution 20-07-R01
Create Campaign to Oppose the Montgomery County Austerity Amendment

This resolution passed with a plurality of votes, with 222 voting yes, 3 voting no, and 13 abstentions.

Sponsor(s): Frank S. F., Elissa L.

The Chapter should vote on this to authorize the Montgomery County Branch and the Tax Equity Working Group to campaign in opposition to the Montgomery County Austerity Charter Amendment, which will be on the ballot in November 2020, including the use of the MDC DSA Maryland Political Action Committee “MDC DSA Solidarity PAC.”

Whereas, Republican gubernatorial candidate Robin Ficker has proposed an amendment to the Montgomery County Charter which will appear on this November’s ballot.

Whereas, the Charter Amendment would forever prohibit the County Council and County Executive from collecting any new property tax revenue in real dollar terms.

Whereas, this will starve Montgomery County of resources it needs to fund essential public services, such as: schools, mass transit, parks, libraries, health services, and other necessary programs.

Whereas, In a situation such as we are facing with COVID-19 causing an economic downturn and corresponding budgetary shortfalls, without the ability to raise revenue the County government would be forced to enact massive cuts to vital services which would disproportionately fall on the working class and those who are most disadvantaged.

Therefore, be it resolved that the Metro DC Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America stands in opposition to the proposed Charter Amendment and urges all members to vote no on the proposed ballot measure.

Therefore, be it further resolved that the Montgomery County Branch Budget and Tax Equity Working Group be authorized to campaign in opposition to this ballot measure, including with the use of the MDC DSA Maryland Political Action Committee “MDC DSA Solidarity PAC”.