Resolution 20-05-R01

Resolution 20-05-R01

Create 2020 D.C. Council At-Large Working Group

This resolution passed with a plurality of votes, with 277 voting yes, 6 voting no, and 9 abstentions.

Sponsor(s): Nikko B., David P., Stuart K.

Therefore, be it resolved that the general body of the Metro D.C. Democratic Socialists of America:

  1. Encourages the creation of the 2020 D.C. Council Election Working Group, which will:

    a. Elect a leadership team consisting of two co-chairs, two organizers (who are not a member of any candidate’s campaign staff) for each endorsed candidate, and one campaign finance compliance officer; and

    b. Be limited in scope to organizing on behalf of chapter-endorsed candidates in D.C. Council elections occurring in the 2020 elections cycle.

Whereas, the general election will occur in the District of Columbia on November 3, 2020; 

Whereas, Will Merrifield – a Metro D.C. DSA member and tenant lawyer – has applied for Metro D.C. DSA’s endorsement of his campaign for D.C. Council At-Large by completing an endorsement questionnaire,

Whereas, Ed Lazere – a Metro D.C. DSA member, local advocacy leader, and former director of the D.C. Fiscal Policy Institute – has also applied for Metro D.C. DSA’s endorsement of his campaign for D.C. Council At‐Large by completing an endorsement questionnaire;

Whereas, endorsing and helping to elect Will Merrifield to the D.C. Council would elevate Metro D.C. DSA’s commitment to organize with communities on the front-lines of displacement and mass incarceration, by working with a campaign that is building on its history of community organizing in the most impacted areas of Washington, D.C. in order to broaden and deepen a grassroots socialist base capable of taking on the establishment forces that rule the District and win fights for social housing, decarceration, and a job guarantee;

Whereas, endorsing and helping to elect Ed Lazere to the D.C. Council would help push the council to adopt the Reclaim Rent Control Platform and help elect a champion for workers in the District who has for two decades consistently fought against austerity budgets, inequality, and corporate tax breaks and organized for fair wages, affordable housing, an equitable education system, and key worker protections such as paid sick leave and paid family leave.

Whereas, before debating and voting on this resolution in June, members of our chapter will have an opportunity to ask questions of the candidate(s) in conference call question-and-answer sessions;

Whereas, based on previous efforts to support endorsed candidates in similar local- and state-level elections, members of Metro D.C. DSA have shown that we can rally the level of support necessary to help endorsed candidates win their races, despite extremely well-funded opposition;

Whereas, to effectively rally a level of support similar to previous campaigns, the sponsors of the attached resolutions propose the creation of the 2020 D.C. Council Election Working Group to prevent a situation in which candidates and DSA members are competing with each other for volunteers or other chapter resources, thus ensuring that volunteer time and resources are used to maximize the collective benefit of all endorsed candidates.

IN FAVOR – Stuart K.

for Resolution 20-05-R01.