Update on the Brandy Brooks Campaign

Update on the Brandy Brooks Campaign

DATE: April 14, 2022

This past weekend, the Metro D.C. DSA Steering Committee was made aware of credible allegations of persistent sexual harassment by endorsed candidate Brandy Brooks towards one of her employees. We were also informed that she had walked back the internal accountability process laid out by the campaign. Out of respect for the privacy for those who informed us, and in accordance with mediated agreements, we cannot provide additional detail, but want to affirm that the evidence gave us significant concern. 

Given the close relationships we developed over many years with members of Brandy’s campaign team, including Brandy herself, we are not taking these allegations lightly and are moving deliberately in consultation with others in our community.

At the request of individuals who came forward, we met with Brandy to discuss these allegations and give her a chance to respond. Brandy attended our Steering Committee meeting on Tuesday, 4/12, three days after we were informed. In that meeting, we heard from her and outlined two different accountability processes within our chapter. Both of these processes would require public discussion or votes from either the Steering Committee or the Chapter as a whole. At no point did she deny the allegations against her. We believe that there needs to be a process of healing and accountability. That’s why we’re disappointed to now see her twist the language of abolition and restorative justice to try to deflect from her actions. Her behavior indicates a fracture from the values that we hold and that we expect from both a member and an endorsed candidate.

In response to the allegations of harassment, chapter members from Montgomery County have submitted a resolution to revoke Metro D.C. DSA’s endorsement of Brandy Brooks and members will have the opportunity to discuss and vote on it in the near future. In the immediate term as this process is ongoing, we will be suspending all chapter activities in support of the Brandy Brooks campaign.