February 9


02:00 pm - 07:00 pm

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Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America (MDC DSA)

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Have you ever wondered what the SOS canvassers you don’t get paired with are like? Have you ever wanted to derail a business meeting into jokes and stories but resisted? Have you ever wanted to stand shoulder to shoulder with your fellow comrades and organize collectively around your desire to eat good food and drink good drink with good people? Then you’re in luck! There’s a Stomp Out Slumlords potluck in your future!

Join us at Compersia Community, home of our comrade Paul, to hang out with your fellow Stomp Out Slumlords comrades over a non-hierarchically organized decentralized participatory collective meal. A big pot of rice and a big pot of black beans will be provided by your host. The rest is up to you. Inspire your comrades by posting what you plan to bring below or keep us in suspense as the spirit moves you.

We’ll be yakking it up all afternoon and making some sweet SOS buttons. If you have other activity ideas please let us know (we do have a bunch of guitars and lefty song books if you get inspired by song).

Compersia’s house is located in the Crestwood neighborhood a block from the S buses, a mile from the GA Ave and Columbia Heights metros, and surrounded by copious street parking. The exact address will be shared in the comments 24 hours before the event.

Children are welcome. Pets will need to stay outside (if you have a service animal let us know so we can make accommodations).