July 20


04:30 pm - 08:30 pm

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Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America (MDC DSA)

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Love + Solidarity Collective

439 Park Rd NW

Washington, DC, US, 20010

Haven’t you always wished you could show off your excitement about Stomp(ing) Out Slumlords in t-shirt form? Well, wish no more!! Come join your fellow comrades and seize hold of the means of production for a screen printing bonanza following the launch of the DC Tenants Union! We’ll have all the gear to create loads of t-shirts and prints and buttons.

Volunteers will get a shirt wet off the presses + dinner! We’ll take the rest to the chapter picnic and onwards to the national convention to raise money for SOS.

About the Love and Solidarity Collective:

The Love & Solidarity Collective (née Lamont Street Collective) is one of DC’s oldest intentional communities, devoted to supporting art, activism, social justice, and our community in Park View. We aim to make our neighborhood, our networks, and our city more creative, and more connected to the world.

About the Space:

We aspire to be a liberation focused and anti-oppressive space (anti-racist, anti-sexist, queer-embracing, etc.).

Our house is not currently wheelchair visitable as defined by the ADA Accessibility Guidelines (we have 12 steps up to the front, 6 steps up to the back, and the bathroom clearances are too small.). Our backyard, where the printing will be happening if the weather is clear, is accessed via our driveway which is up a hill with a ~25-30 degrees tilt (i.e. will require a motored wheelchair, a strong wheeler, or help pushing up).