February 11


07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

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Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America (MDC DSA)

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501 3rd St NW

501 3rd St NW

Washington, DC, US, 20001

As ICE detains and deports immigrants every day, they are helped by for-profit companies. These profiteers allow ICE to function by providing key services: operating detention centers, making electronic ankle bracelets, building lists of undocumented immigrants, and more. These companies and their executives make millions for destroying lives in our community.

MDC DSA has marched on the homes of the deportation profiteers behind private prisons, surveillance companies, and ICE itself.

In our next round of actions we will be deploying an escalating campaign focused against one specific Deportation Profiteer well known in the Metro DC area. Join us, February 11th, as we finalize our strategy, establish goals and timelines, and recruit people into the roles necessary to making this a successful campaign.