DSA’s Decision Path If Bernie Announces A Candidacy

A message from the National Director outlines what DSA’s response(s) can be and the path currently planned if Sen Sanders announces another run for the presidency.


The Washington Socialist <> February 2019 As the World Bank’s peripatetic prez leaves for a private equity featherbed, it’s time to take radical steps on world finance institutions, say David Adler and Yanis Varoufakis in The Guardian. Jim Yong Kim “as president turbocharged the bank’s commitment to private profits against the public interest, in effect […]


The Update — the latest on this weekend’s General Body Meeting and other events, electoral work theoretical and for real, calendars for us and our allies for the next few weeks —

MDC DSA Weekly Update for Friday, January 18, 2018

Rescheduled January GBM Jan. 27, we host a regional pre-convention conference, Amazon in the Va. Senate, and more — plus your socialist social calendar for mid- to late January and beyond.

MDC DSA Weekly Update for Friday, January 11, 2019

News about this Sunday’s General Body Meeting, AND AN IMPORTANT CANCELLATION plus Action Reports and January schedule for MDC DSA and activist allies.

National DSA’s January Dispatch

A monthly roundup of events and actions from DSA National Director Maria Svart

MDC DSA’s Washington Socialist monthly newsletter for January 2019

MDC DSA’s newsletter for January, with articles on international issues, local organizing, ecosocialist wins and losses, worker organizing in the tech sector (?) and a book with surprises about white working class sentiment — plus a two-year (2016-2018) article index to this publication AND your socialist dance card for the first month of 2019…

Solidarité Avec Les Gilets Jaunes

The left must capitalize (no pun intended) on this moment of mass mobilization and offer something different from the neoliberal capitalist globalization that elites like Macron and his friends pursue at the expense of the working class. Economic and political cooperation between countries and governments does not have to entail doing capital’s bidding.

How Nationalism Feeds US Imperialism in Okinawa

Under various agreements, Japan shares the costs of the bases and relocation (from $6 billion per year in 2012 to $8 billion per year in 2018), not to mention the indirect costs of pollution and congestion that locals are expected to deal with. Worse still, the land reclamation at Henoko will cause extensive ecological devastation…

Green New Deal Fight: A Short-Term Political Loss But Huge Publicity Gains for Ocasio-Cortez & Allies

If DSA members can take an active and public part in organizing for Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal, while demonstrating that we can be cooperative participants in broad-based coalitions working to make the concept into a political reality, we may gain new credibility with a wide range of climate activists that will serve us well in future struggles for a post-capitalist, humane, ecologically sustainable and democratic future.