Metro DC DSA Weekly Update for Friday, May 3, 2019

New this weekend: Canvassing for Northern Virginia MDC-DSA endorsed candidates Irma Corado and Yasmine Taeb Saturday and Sunday. Get details at the links. We can make a difference in Virginia! If your weekend is booked, fear not – there are canvasses every Saturday and Sunday in May; check the calendar below. The May 1 newsletter […]

MDC DSA’s Washington Socialist monthly newsletter for Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Our articles are big-picture political, local political and quite historical — plus we have what you need to know to navigate a radical’s week/weekend.

Polished Pete and the 2020 Race

Pete Buttigieg and Howard Shultz are part of a larger phenomenon in U.S. cultural discourse that privileges a set of experiences and traits that are interpreted as merit, beyond any real policy value that a candidate brings to public debate.

For Dems, intraparty fracas over primary challenges obscures a critical component

Getting lost in the excitement over the progressive-establishment spat in the Democratic Party is a political imperative – mutual, educational exchange of information from politicians to electorate – and vice versa. Stay current with your community. Or go home.

For DC Ecosocialists, Threats to Cherry Trees Could Support ‘Crossover’ Climate Activism

DSA climate activists might conceivably play an important role in saving the Tidal Basin that could win us at least grudging support from a host of different local and national organizations that hopes to keep alive the legacy of DC’s cherry blossom season.  To the extent we can help to save the Tidal Basin from higher waters, we’ll be tackling an issue that has elicited sympathetic and emotional comment from a variety of local commentators.

By offsetting federal tax cuts locally, we can improve the quality of life for all DC residents

The Fair Budget Coalition — which advocates for a District budget and public policies that address poverty and human needs — included “offset federal tax cuts locally” in its platform for fiscal year 2020.

FOOTBALL OR FAMILIES? Fight over RFK site reaches critical stage

In addition to the DC Council, in 2015 the Arlington County Board also adopted a resolution condemning the Washington football team’s name as racist.  But remaining mum on the name controversy are two jurisdictions that have shown interest in luring the team – Prince George’s County, for a stadium connected to National Harbor, and Loudon County, Va. 

Maryland Assembly Session limps to close, faces big leadership decision

Sine Die was to say the least complicated by the death of House of Delegates Chair Mike Busch the weekend before, followed by a dismal and unseemly contest to succeed him.

May Day and Vietnam Resistance — History’s Trail from 1965 to 2015

A May Day reprise of a Washington Socialist historical account, with a coda about origins, from the May 2015 issue.

Metro DC DSA Weekly Update for Friday, April 26, 2019

Events, reports, quick takes and essential info for socialists and other comrades as April draws to a close and May Day approaches.