MDC DSA Weekly Update for Friday, Nov. 23, 2018

The MDC DSA Update for late November and all of December — despite the holidaze, “Something to fit into every socialist’s holiday dance card.”


How to manage your radical upcoming weekend, and beyond. Socialism in detail.

MDC DSA Weekly Update for Friday, November 9, 2018

The upcoming MDC DSA week’s activities made systematic for you, starting with THIS SUNDAY’S GBM and Steering by-election — plus all the other desiderata you have come to expect.

MDC DSA’s Washington Socialist monthly newsletter for November 2018

THE WEEKEND before the November 6 election is kinda set aside for canvassing, door-knocking etc. See below, ANC project GOTV. Also Saturday at 2 PM, a business/planning meeting for the ongoing Stomp Out Slumlords canvass. But TODAY (Friday, Nov. 2) a mass response to the threat to close Providence Hospital spearheaded by unionized nurses and […]

Bowser Exploits DC Racial Divide to Boost her Power

The progressive faction on the council has largely pursued policies to benefit the majority of DC residents, but Reeder’s rise shows they have not made necessary connections with the District’s lower-income minority communities. With the racial divisions that persist in DC as they do around the country the hopes of progressive whites to win lasting support among minority communities is a formidable one, especially in the former “chocolate city” that is increasingly becoming vanilla-chocolate swirl.

The socialist left must forge a competent and peaceful foreign policy

Democratic socialism must create ample space for a robust peace movement in material policy platforms. Authoritarianism, war, climate change, economic sanctions, the United Nations, treaties and so on cannot be ignored by the left or brushed off by simply calling for anti-imperialism. These issues must be confronted strongly and with conviction.

IPCC Rings Alarm Bell on Climate: How Should Socialists Respond?

At least in the near to mid-term future, it can be argued, even green socialists need to hope that the same “green” but enthusiastically capitalist corporations that have recently been making advances in the development of more efficient solar cells, more powerful wind turbines, electric and hybrid cars and more energy-efficient refrigerators will keep doing their work in revolutionizing the capitalist energy sector away from reliance on fossil fuels and toward a wholesale adoption of more climate-friendly and sustainable technologies.

The DSA of the Future

As far as one can tell, the expanding number of DSA chapters around the country have an overwhelmingly local focus on issues of unionization, strike support, wage theft, workers’ rights, housing, discrimination in all of its forms, education, gentrification, homelessness, immigration, environmentalism and much more. This local “on-the-ground” focus is most commendable, especially because it often puts DSA at the forefront of people’s local struggles for social and economic betterment and justice and, frankly, expands the reach and good name of DSA and socialism

Coming home…after 38 years?

While the DSOC of my youth had a strong presence of 20 to 30-year olds, there was also a noticeable contingent of members in their 40s and 50s. Many were connected to the labor movement, where they worked in international unions, as labor lawyers or as shop stewards.

NHK’s Asia Insight: A Window to Developing Countries

Our news organizations do not focus on how the world is developing. Writing on climate change left me feeling that we need to see how the whole world is changing, but we are stuck with drama masquerading as domestic news. Japan’s NHK, available on many US cable listings, is a fresh and different format.