Metro DC DSA Weekly Update for Friday, November 15, 2019

The weekly update, with all things socialist for the DMV’s week to come and much more.

Metro DC DSA Weekly Update for Friday, November 8, 2019

The Socialist Weekend — and beyond — outlined for you: events, articles, action reports.

Endorsed Maryland candidate Mckayla Wilkes statement to MDC DSA members

NOTE: Mckayla Wilkes has been endorsed by MDC DSA membership in her run for the Democratic nomination for Maryland’s 5th Congressional District. The primary is April 28, 2020; the incumbent is Steny Hoyer. She has provided this statement for MDC DSA members. The Washington Socialist <> November 8 Update  By Mckayla Wilkes I was born […]

Bernie Must Win or the Democrats Will Lose

To win, Bernie should continue and enhance his strategy. Putting aside my not-insignificant disagreements with the other Democratic candidates, their electability versus Trump is highly questionable.

National DSA Director’s Dispatch for November 2019

let’s remember the wise words of legendary American socialist Eugene Victor Debs at his Canton, Ohio speech against World War One. His birthday was November 5th. War, he said, is a racket, unless it’s the class war: “That is war in a nutshell. The master class has always declared the wars; the subject class has always fought the battles.”

Metro DC DSA’s Washington Socialist Monthly Newsletter for November 2019

A full weekend of MDC DSA action and events, plus it’s GOTV Weekend for Virginia’s Tuesday, Nov. 5 general election — and articles on criminal justice concerns, Metro DC DSA’s deep history and that other forever war — Vietnam.

Why justice for Botham Jean is impossible

I think I’ve learned that punishment and justice are not the same. The carceral system is not something I could ever find myself celebrating or expecting to bring me peace.

Maryland still has work to do on criminal justice reform

What Maryland needs is a system that treats addiction and substance abuse as a health care issue instead of a criminal issue and creates community-based care services to support individuals upon release. A comprehensive plan that enrolls all inmates in health care upon release and provides a network of care services would benefit the state at large and ensure the most vulnerable do not get left behind.

Dorothy Healey’s Reflections On a Period of Transition for DSA– 1984

“I don’t know of any other place [than DSA] to do it [organize]. It’s a tough period for radical organizations to find answers of how you participate in the movements of whatever there is today and yet maintain an identity for a socialist alternative, when to advance even mildly democratic demands becomes a radical thing.”

The myths that masked an imperialist war in Vietnam — and how they were shaped

Chomsky’s contributions trace the post -WW2 policy, driven by corporate goals of commercial dominance and resource control in South and East Asia.  Then …”our goal was reformulated. It was our noble task to protect Indochina from ‘aggression.’ “ The fact that these myths, these narratives are still surfacing and keeping their traction in instances of mass mis-recollection like Ken Burns’s recent PBS series is a credit to the propaganda model from which we still suffer.