Washington Socialist Article Index January-August 2019

Washington Socialist Article Index for January-August 2019

The Washington Socialist <> Labor Day 2019

Articles that have appeared in The Washington Socialist in the current year are indexed here by subject. These entries will be added, as time permits, to the Index published in January’s issue covering 2016-2018.

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Campaigns and activism

JULY 2019 The full impact of Amazon HQ2 gets across to complacent Arlington County officials thanks to the For Us Not Amazon coalition, as Kaiser F writes here: https://mdcdsa.org/the-washington-socialist/grassroots-vs-segregation-the-ongoing-fight-against-amazon-hq2-in-arlington/

JULY 2019 For the first time since 1993, DC Statehood will get a hearing before a US House committee, where it may this time get some traction, as Bill Mosley writes https://mdcdsa.org/the-washington-socialist/dc-statehood-gets-hearing-in-house-july-24/

JULY 2019 DC’s Mayor Bowser, bought and bossed, takes aim at protections against developer gentrification and tenant displacement that are provided by the DC Comprehensive Plan. By Andy Feeney; first published in the June 21 Weekly Update https://mdcdsa.org/the-washington-socialist/capitalist-gentrification-as-usual-as-dc-mayor-bowser-orders-new-push-to-weaken-land-use-controls-in-the-name-of-increased-housing-construction/

 Trump analysis

JUNE 2019 CONFLICT ECHOES ON THE DIAMOND – A very divided Boston Red Sox show up to get the Trump blessing for their Series win, illustrating the way Trump has weaponized racism in every aspect of public life beyond even the Jim Crow era

FEBRUARY 2019 Bill Mosley examines the long-standing right wing rationale behind the late, great and once and future (?) Shutdown – further eroding public confidence and trust in government.


Focus on socialism

APRIL 2019 >>Some of our chapter’s delegates to the Regional Conference of March 16-17 have reports on the event, the discussions, the pros and cons emerging. See https://mdcdsa.org/the-washington-socialist/mdc-dsa-chapter-delegates-report-on-the-regional-conference/


Applying socialism in a capitalist polity

AUGUST 2019 >>Dan Adkins argues DSA’s stance for police and prison abolition needs to be buttressed by the analysis that – surprise! – socialists are best at: https://mdcdsa.org/the-washington-socialist/prison-abolition-and-the-war-on-the-poor/

JULY [5] 2019 Activists have been working hard to defend the DC Comprehensive Plan against amendments that could weaken protections against rampant gentrification. Just before the holiday weekend began the Council chair dropped a revised “preamble” to the document that folks are struggling to parse in advance of a July 9 hearing. Read more about it in this article.

APRIL 2019 >> Because the most unfree place in the “land of the free” is the at-will US workplace, socialism needs to grow from collaborative, “cooperativist” organizing at that level. See https://mdcdsa.org/the-washington-socialist/cooperativism-the-need-for-a-proletarian-socialism/

MARCH 2019 The encounter between socialism and faith communities is more congenial than sometimes thought, and MDC DSA’s Socialists of Faith Caucus/Working Group has grown in solidaristic patterns within MDC DSA and the wider radical community. Kaiser F outlines the group’s history and aspirational future.

Labor, workplace, worker solidarity

JULY 2019 The hard road back for labor has been cleared by militant teachers around the country, Morgan F writes: https://mdcdsa.org/the-washington-socialist/sara-nelson-fellow-labor-activists-discuss-the-labor-movements-future-at-labor-strikes-back/

JANUARY 2019 Dan AdkinsWorkers in Big Tech seizing agency?


JULY 2019 Visitors to the National Capital are educable about climate change whatever their prejudices when rising waters at the Tidal Basin are in view, Andy Feeney recounts https://mdcdsa.org/the-washington-socialist/the-tidal-basin-diaries-more-adventures-in-using-coastal-flooding-to-start-conversations-with-d-c-tourists-about-the-green-new-deal/

JULY 2019 David Schwartzman shows how a Green New Deal would look in a transformed DC political and regulatory climate https://mdcdsa.org/the-washington-socialist/a-green-new-deal-for-dc/

MAY 2019 >>The Cherry Blossom gambit – can DC’s love for its splendid trees be parlayed into a Green New Deal acceptance campaign?

JANUARY 2019 Andy FeeneyThe Green New Deal and the House Dem establishment

JANUARY 2019 Woody WoodruffEcosocialist organizing and the regional decarbonization pacts


Political/electoral, local, state, national (MDC DSA in the DMV)

AUGUST 2019 >>Our comrade Rich Elliott describes a change that could break the stranglehold of neoliberal Democrats on Maryland’s legislative process — single-member districts: https://mdcdsa.org/the-washington-socialist/single-member-assembly-districts-will-help-end-marylands-incumbent-protection-system/

AUGUST 2019 >>Woody Woodruff notes that Larry Hogan is showing his capitalist-tool stripes in many ways now he’s in his second, and last, term:  https://mdcdsa.org/the-washington-socialist/hogan-stonewalling-on-spending-riles-critics-across-the-spectrum-in-md/

AUGUST 2019>>Kam W examines where Biden comes from using a socialist perspective and finds that the perspective provides tools for a takedown: https://mdcdsa.org/the-washington-socialist/a-gap-in-the-armor-time-to-take-down-biden/

JULY 2019 MoCo’s independent socialist newsletter Commonwealth showcases a high school reporter’s account of gentrification and how the slumlords are skewered by DSA’s campaigners https://commonwealthmoco.com/2019/05/21/pushed-out-an-in-depth-look-at-gentrification-in-montgomery-county/

JUNE 2019 LOCAL ANGLE Activists in Prince George’s challenge the County Council to fund its already-passed citizen group on returning citizens, while public conversations elsewhere outline the number of hurdles those returning from incarceration face to resume a life outside.

JUNE 2019 Our comrade Ben Ross, a MoCo transit activist of long standing, has read the proposed contract for Larry Hogan’s toll lanes on I.495-I.270 (so we don’t have to) and the potential liability of Maryland taxpayers in a number of high-probability outcomes is more than shocking. Remember, Larry said this would all be free stuff. Read it here.

MAY 2019 >>The elite posture as an electoral appeal – “Polished Pete and the Meritocracy” is not the name of a band.

MAY 2019 >>The internal fuss about primary challenges against Dem incumbents misses the most important reason they are vulnerable in the first place.

MAY 2019 >>DC’s tax policy should reflect an effort to protect residents against the effects of Trump’s venal tax cut.

MAY 2019 >>Dan Snyder, he with the racist-named NFL team, is looking for his next stadium boondoggle. But that name…

MAY 2019 >>Today (May 1) the Maryland House of Delegates is to choose a new Speaker. Will they choose the same tool of business interests who just wrecked many a progressive bill in the 2019 Session?

MAY 2019 As the Democratic contest to be Trump’s 2020 opponent takes shape, DSA’s endorsement of Sen. Bernie Sanders has implications for all local chapters. Our comrade Brian has outlined some of those factors in a tidy five-part series published in this newsletter; here’s the first one,with links to the rest provided.

APRIL 2019 >> Although prospects for DC Statehood being backed in the House are farther along than they have ever been, the current shape of Congress means the project will go no further till 2020 at least. See https://mdcdsa.org/the-washington-socialist/dc-statehood-moving-forward-in-2019-just-not-all-the-way/

MARCH 2019 DSA Solidarity Across Virginia – members at large and in local chapters throughout the state met in Richmond a week ago, and Craig Triplett brings back an account of their encounters and engagement.

MARCH 2019 And “For Us Not Amazon” coalition solidarity in Northern Virginia. Hunter T outlines NoVa DSA’s role in the struggle and the crucial passages coming up.

MARCH 2019 Alice Leonard, a stalwart of NoVa’s DSA group since the founding of the national organization, has died at age 101. Bill Mosley recounts her life and times and the reason the city of Alexandria made a “day” of her 100th birthday.

MARCH 2019 Our comrade Larry Stafford Jr. notes that it took radical activism to bring about significant change in the Maryland General Assembly, now in its 2019 session.

MARCH 2019 Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan brings a garden-variety GOP framework to his plan for privately-owned toll lanes on the Beltway, conveniently dumping mass transit options and creating significant pushback in MoCo.

MARCH 2019 And Hogan’s budget, imposed on the General Assembly in a strong-executive state, does not stand up to analysis testing its value to poor and working Marylanders and their families.

FEBRUARY 2019 Bill Mosley examines the long-standing right wing rationale behind the late, great and once and future (?) Shutdown – further eroding public confidence and trust in government (also in Trump Analysis)

FEBRUARY 2019 Josh Silver notes that the next big battle to persuade the local NFL owner to Change the Name – the racist name of the football team – will be fought in Montgomery County, and it may represent a tipping point. MDC DSA members, he says, can help in that project.

FEBRUARY 2019 As political Maryland swings into another General Assembly session where Democrats face a second-term GOP governor, the shape of things political in a divided state is sketched by Woody Woodruff through a variety of examples.

JANUARY 2019 Matt AIntroducing the Disability Working Group

JANUARY 2019 Kurt StandPrince George’s DSA growing pains, emerging among allies

JANUARY 2019 Bob Guldin – Amazon is 800-pound gorilla at town hall event on Crystal City impact (first appeared in the Dec. 7, 2018 Weekly Update)


JUNE 2019 INTERNATIONAL FOCUS As the cozy coalition of Trumpsters and Venezuelan right-wingers falters in its attempt to bring down the elected government in that beleaguered nation, a look at how the mainstream media sugar-coat the one-sided conflict.

APRIL 2019 >>The continuing duplicity of US policy and practice toward beleaguered Venezuela is outlined in a follow-up to our earlier coverage here. See https://mdcdsa.org/the-washington-socialist/standard-oil-awakens-them-the-second-phase-of-the-us-regime-change-operation-in-venezuela/

APRIL 2019 >>The late journalist and author Bill Blum explored the details and practices of US imperialist foreign policy through a long lifetime. He was remembered at a recent celebration. See  https://mdcdsa.org/the-washington-socialist/journalism-bill-blum-spent-a-career-exposing-the-nuts-and-bolts-of-us-imperialist-foreign-policy-practices/

MARCH 2019 Adam Strømme’s roundup on the Venezuela situation through the historical lens of US habits of intervention — as of Feb. 14, when we first published it.

JANUARY 2019 Caroline DGilets Jaunes – the worker rejection of Macron’s neoliberal regime

JANUARY 2019 Kaiser FHow nationalism and US militarism skews Okinawa’s politics


History of socialism and radicalism

MAY 2019 >>Scanning May Day from Vietnam to “today” (actually, 2015); and a coda about the holiday’s origins And adding this Good Read because today. Hobsbawm on the origins of May Day.

Book Reviews

MARCH 2019 And speaking of monuments – a compilation of observations by W.E.B. DuBois from his voluminous publications, on his birth anniversary in Black History Month, compiled by Lucy Duff and first published here February 21.

MARCH 2019 Andy Feeney continues a series of review essays on food production under capitalism and its impact on climate change – Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation, still the benchmark account of our hegemonic US export. And here is Feeney’s earlier review of books on capitalism and food, “Eating the Future,” first published February 7.

MARCH 2019 Kurt Stand reviews our comrade David Schwartzman’s newly released ecosocialist analysis and David’s discussion of it at Busboys – first published February 7.

JANUARY 2019 Bill Mosley – Reviews a new analysis of identity politics, with surprises


Culture and arts

AUGUST 2019>>Bill Mosley explores the elaborate “Warmth of Other Suns” exhibit on migration flows throughout history at the Phillips Collection: https://mdcdsa.org/the-washington-socialist/warmth-of-other-suns-exhibit-looks-at-displacement-from-many-angles/


JULY 2019 While the Trump administration plays whack-a-mole with the good science still being done in many federal agencies, the new “Deep Time” display in the revamped National Museum of Natural History keeps the truth out front for museumgoers, Bill Mosley writes https://mdcdsa.org/the-washington-socialist/a-small-victory-for-science-in-deep-time/

MARCH 2019 DC’s many museums cover the gamut of history and culture, but it takes a sharp and practiced eye to locate the web of exhibits that traces the history of radicalism. Here’s a hint from Bill Mosley, docent of dissent, of what can be found in MDC DSA’s occasional tours.


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