![image1](/assets/images/defund-graphics/01_defund-banner.jpg){: .align-center} You can read Metro DC DSA's statement on denouncing police violence [here.](https://mdcdsa.org/statements/2020-resist-military-occupation/) In the wake of the brutal murders of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police Department and Breonna Taylor in a no-knock raid by the Louisville Police Department, people across the country have taken to the streets to demand an end to police violence and structural racism. Here in DC, the Metropolitan Police Department responded with violence. Militarized policing is terrorizing black and brown communities instead of keeping people safe, and its bloated budget starves our communities of resources and diverts money from non-police violence reduction programs. That’s why we need to defund the MPD and reinvest in our communities. You can send Mayor Bowser and the D.C. Council a letter here demanding we fund social programs that directly benefit the people of D.C.
## Context Bowser wants to give the MPD a $17.8 million raise in FY 2021. That’s 2.5x more than the total yearly budget of the Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement, and is more than 35x more than what is going towards programs dedicated to green jobs and the economy. ![image2](/assets/images/defund-graphics/02_defund-graphic.png) This increase would bring the overall MPD budget to **$540.2 million** in District funds for FY 2021. And when other funding sources are taken into account, the MPD’s FY 2021 operating budget is proposed to be almost $580 million in total. An examination reveals that Mayor Bowser's proposed 2021 budget would spend more money on *police cars* than on non-police violence interruption programs. ![image3](/assets/images/defund-graphics/03_defund-graphic.png) Bowser’s budget is unacceptable. Join us in supporting the efforts of some amazing groups including [Black Lives Matter DC](http://www.blacklivesmatterdmv.org/), [BYP100 Action Fund](https://www.byp100.org/), [Stop Police Terror Project DC](https://www.sptdc.com/nomorestopandfrisk), [FreedomFighters DC](https://twitter.com/FFDC2020), [No Justice No Pride](https://www.nojusticenopride.org/), [ONE DC](https://www.onedconline.org/), [Showing Up for Racial Justice DC](https://t.co/EJRPUc843q?amp=1) as we demand the defunding of MPD. You can find more information on the local push to Defund MPD at [defundmpd.org.](https://www.defundmpd.org/m4bl-dc)