Statement on WMATA’s proposed private train service for white supremacists

“Metro DC DSA stands in solidarity with ATU Local 689 in denouncing WMATA General Manager and CEO Paul Wiedefeld’s reported provision of special accommodations, including private Metro rail cars and a police escort, to fascists marching into our city to intimidate and threaten all decent human beings who do not fit into their genocidal worldview as part of the ‘Unite the Right 2’ hate rally.

“Time after time, institutions of state power have protected some of the most violent, racist, and fascist elements in our society. When the elected government of the District of Columbia allows ICE to terrorize our communities and kidnap our neighbors out of their homes; when the public services we rely upon every day are defunded and sold off to private interests, while the workers who make them run are denied fair contracts; when Black and brown people are terrorized by police violence; when literal Neo-Nazis and Klansmen are given armed police escort by the state, we understand who is being valued and who is not. We understand that the state is not valuing workers, the poor, and people of color.

“Neo-Nazis and Klansmen who call for genocide are a threat to the residents of the entire metro Washington DC area and communities everywhere, not a delegation of honored guests to be accommodated at great expense by the state.

“We call upon WMATA management and the District of Columbia’s elected officials to cease all plans to provide special accommodations to the ‘Unite the Right 2’ attendees, and stand in full solidarity with the members of ATU Local 689 in their courageous moral stance opposing these plans.”

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