Statement on the Military Action in Syria

Every day, the United States of America leverages unaccountable destructive power to irrevocably alter or end the lives of ordinary people all around the world. As American socialists, we recognize that our commitment is not to the nebulous concept of “nation,” but to liberation for all people, including those who face the sharp end of the American imperialist spear.

Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America condemns the illegal escalation of the war in Syria and attacks on the Syrian regime. The United States does not have the moral authority to intervene, and President Trump has ignored legitimate ways to help the people of Syria in favor of war-mongering and cruelty. We detest this blatant action of imperialism, that will only make the United States an active perpetrator of destruction. To all comrades who will be affected in Syria, and to the Syrian people at large, we stand in solidarity.