Letter of Support for Alejandra Pablos

On Wednesday, March 7, 2018, Alejandra Pablos, an organizer with La ColectiVA, was detained at her check-in with ICE in Arizona. Alejandra was also arrested at a mass action in Virginia earlier this year – she was the only person arrested, and was explicitly told that she was being singled out from the crowd because of her leadership and activism.

La ColectiVA is currently collecting signatures on a petition demanding Alejandra’s release, and is encouraging community members and organizations to draft letters of support for Alejandra’s bond packet. Metro DC DSA has submitted the following letter and encourages our members and our community to sign the petition and stand in solidarity with Alejandra.

To whom it may concern,

Alejandra Pablos is an inspiring activist and organizer in our community. She is well respected and admired for her courage to organize to make life better for her community, despite personal risk. To see her detained for working to better her community is saddening; it is a denial of her rights as a human being.

We hope that you will release her so that she can return to organizing in our community. Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America’s 1,500 members, and numerous more supporters, stand in solidarity with Alejandra, and all others who are detained as a consequence of organizing in their communities. We know that grassroots organizing builds power for real change, and that the power that Alejandra has built as a community leader is indispensable to our community.


Steering Committee
Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America

Margaret McLaughlin, Chair