Night School Resources Archive

What is Marxism?

A focus on how Marxists view capitalism, how capitalist profit is rooted in the exploitation of labor, and how the class struggle results from this.

Social Reproduction

The question of social reproduction is the question of how workers are reproduced in order to keep capitalism surging.

Rent Strike

What are tenants doing to fight for their homes in the middle of pandemic, and how does it fit with historical tenant struggles?


Neoliberalism and its ascendence into a hegemonic doctrine in global affairs is identified and discussed in this globally minded session.

Repression of Dissent

This session will cover the history of repression of dissent and the US left, focusing largely on the role of the FBI in conducting political surveillance.

A Socialist Response to COVID-19

In this session, we explore how a socialist government has responded to COVID in India, and what lessons socialists can draw from it.

The Anticommunist Crusades

Journalist Vincent Bevins joins us to discuss his new book The Jakarta Method: Washington’s Anticommunist Crusade and the Mass Murder Program that Shaped Our...

Ecosocialism and the Green New Deal

Ecosocialism is a framework for combining insights from the rich tradition of Marxist social analysis with scientific knowledge of our biosphere. How does e...

Police Abolition

In this session, we discussed what policing is, what abolition means, what abolitionists do, how abolitionist approaches differ from other critiques (like ma...

Uber and the Gig Economy

This session explores how DC became a legislative model for Uber, how Uber became an institutional actor in the city, and what such an arrangement means for ...

DC Budget 101

The path to racial and economic justice in DC must go through the city budget. This session provided an introduction to the DC budget process, budget advoca...

School Privatization in DC

Over the last several decades, public education has been under attack by corporate and private entities looking to profit from K-12 education. In this sessi...