Montgomery County Branch Working Groups

End Tax Breaks for Country Clubs banner

Anti-Austerity Working Group

Montgomery County DSA fights against the manufactured austerity that is so common under capitalism and is bound to get worse as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. In Maryland, regressive tax codes force the working class to pay substantially more for needed services than the ruling class. It is unconscionable that people can’t afford housing and healthcare, but elected officials see to it that the wealthiest get tax breaks. Contact us to learn more about this campaign!

Vienna Housing

Housing Working Group

The Housing Working Group fights to preserve existing affordable housing in Montgomery County by enacting rent control, and to fight for funding and building county-owned affordable housing. Learn more here!

Machinist at Manufacturing Line

Co-operative Working Group

The Co-operatives Working Group works to support the creation of worker-owned co-operatives in Montgomery County. We are researching and visiting co-operatives throughout Maryland and talking to elected officials about how to support and promote co-operatives. Contact us to learn more!