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Ready to join the fight to create a more equitable DC while also working toward a world that puts people over profits? Then become a member of Metro DC DSA today! If you’re already a member, you can pay annual dues, set up monthly dues, or donate to the cause.

A Note on Financial Transparency

Metro DC DSA members are entitled to know where their contributions go, and we are committed to providing full transparency of our chapter finances. In addition, we will soon be enacting participatory budgeting to bring greater democratic process to our chapter’s finances. Members can request a copy of our quarterly financial report from (although the first report isn’t quite ready yet). Stay tuned for more information on participatory budgeting.

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Understanding Dues

Thank you for your membership in DSA! Please note that dues paid to our chapter (Metro DC DSA) are valid towards your membership in national DSA. Similarly, if you have paid dues to national DSA, you do not need to pay additional dues to the chapter. Our chapter and national membership data is periodically merged, and your membership will be reflected in both the national and chapter within a few weeks of joining at either the national or chapter level. You do not need to pay dues to both national DSA and Metro DC DSA.

Annual Dues

If you are a new member submitting dues for the first time, annual dues are valid for one year from the date of payment. You'll receive an email for your records that includes the expiration date.

If you are an existing member paying for renewal and your membership has not yet expired, renewal will extend your existing expiration date by one year. If your membership has lapsed or recently expired, renewal will reactivate your membership for one year from today's date.

Monthly Dues

Metro DC DSA is pleased to offer monthly dues! With monthly dues, you can set up a recurring monthly payment of $4 towards your chapter and national DSA membership, as well as a configurable donation (minimum $1) to the chapter. To learn more about monthly dues, Click here.

Monthly dues are a great way to support Metro DC DSA. With your monthly contribution, we can build a stable, predictable budget that allows us to support our ongoing campaigns and operational costs.

NOTE: If you have already paid annual dues and are not up for renewal, we encourage you to configure a recurring donation instead. When you're ready to renew, you can still pay annual dues and continue your monthly contribution, or you can cancel your monthly donation and set up monthly dues then. Either way, your generosity is greatly appreciated. Click here to configure a donation.

Metro DC DSA Monthly Dues

Monthly dues are billed as a recurring PayPal donation, on the same day every month based on the date that you enable monthly dues. You can cancel at any time using this link.

Monthly dues are tracked against annual dues amounts. The dues portion of the monthly contribution ($4) is paid towards a "Standard/Regular" membership; if recurring dues are canceled before the annual dues amount has been paid, your membership in DSA may lapse. If you'd prefer to pay annual dues (for any membership tier), you may also configure recurring, monthly donations at

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IMPORTANT: If your PayPal email differs from your MDC DSA email or you're unsure of what email address you have on file with us, please contact before paying your dues.

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Cancel Monthly Dues

If you wish to cancel your monthly dues, please click the button below. Please note that your membership in DSA may lapse if annual dues are not paid after monthly dues have been canceled. Please contact with any questions.

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Metro DC DSA couldn't do the work that we do without the support and generosity of individuals willing to share what they can with our organization. Your contribution helps us print educational literature such as flyers and pamphlets about our organization, as well as scholarships and travel funds to national conferences, advertisements to sponsor labor union events, and fees to cover room reservations for our own events.

If you are able to give a recurring, monthly gift to Metro DC DSA, you can significantly strengthen our organization and help us build our sustainability so that we can promote economic and social equality in the Metro DC area for many years to come.

​Any contribution helps, and we appreciate your generosity toward Metro DC DSA!

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