Frank F.

Frank F.


Please describe your past and current involvement in DSA. This may include your involvement in the metro D.C. chapter, another chapter, and/or work at the national level.

I joined DSA in December 2016, realizing the need for an organized movement to end the underlying cause of injustice: racial capitalism. I have served two years on the steering committee of the Montgomery County Branch, with one as chair. As chair I lead our monthly branch meetings, and coordinated relationships with allied organizations, and our DSA elected officials Delegates Gabriel Acevero and Vaughn Stewart.

I canvassed on numerous campaigns, including in VA, Montgomery County, and for Bernie Sanders in 2020. I served on the chapter bylaws reform commission, was a delegate to the 2019 national convention, and am a member of the new AfroSOC caucus. I was incredibly proud to help comrades start our neighboring PG County Branch.

Why do you believe that you are a good fit for this position?

I would bring four years of experience to the position, with the work I have done at the branch, working group, and chapter level. I have a consistent track record of showing up for the chapter and of being a consensus-builder.

My favorite role in the Montgomery County Branch has been that of educator: breaking down and sometimes reforming the structures of our organization to spur initiatives by members and developing their leadership. I have remained very involved with chapter efforts as well, including work to improve our bylaws, create space for members of colors, and incorporate indigenous land acknowledgements into our political education across the organization.

What do you hope to accomplish for the chapter if elected to this position?

Our work of offering an alternative to neoliberalism and fascism has never been more urgent. Whether we organize in MoCo, PG, NoVA, or DC, we must re-center our work on winning material benefits for the multiracial working class of our region.

We must ensure our new bylaws are understood by every group in the chapter, and encourage debate on how they can be continually improved. I want to start a conversation (that continues after this term) about how we can incorporate racial justice into our internal structure, recruitment, and our relationships with our larger communities. Finally, I would like to lead the on-going conversation about the role of branches in our chapter and how we can expand regional collaboration.

What pronouns do you use?

I use he/him or they/them pronouns. I do not have a preference.

Would you describe yourself as a person of color?

Yes. My mother is an Asian immigrant to the United States from the Philippines, my father is a white Italian-American.