NOVA DSA 🌹 Education Working Group: Karl Marx 101

February 21, 2018 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Arlington Central Library - 2nd Floor Meeting Room | 1015 North Quincy Street | Arlington, VA 22201

Event Page:

A discussion of the fundamentals of Karl Marx’s philosophy. No reading necessary; just show up. Did you join DSA inspired by Bernie Sanders ideas of democratic socialism and political revolution? Have you wondered what socialism is, exactly? Do you want to know more about the ideas of socialist thinkers and leaders? DSA’s Northern Virginia Branch is running a series of discussion seminars led by experienced, knowledgeable members to talk about the basics of democratic socialism.

This month’s topics will include:

Marx’s theory of history: dialectical materialism and the stages of history; economic classes; ideology and false consciousness.
Marx’s critique of capitalism: the commodification (commercialization) of all things; exploitation of labor; alienation.
Marx’s theory of social change; future communist society.