Endorsement Q&A Conference Call with Yasmine Taeb

February 6, 2019 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Remote (via conference call) | N/A | Virginia, va

Event Page: https://www.meetup.com/mdcdsa/events/258487738/

This Meetup event page is for the Metro DC DSA Q&A endorsement conference call with Yasmine Taeb. Yasmine is running for the District 35 seat in the Virginia State Senate. District 35 covers parts of Fairfax County, Alexandria, and Falls Church

You can find the completed questionnaire for this candidate here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1N6LS8KFHR1Ixuf8AIaU0R-9jk4x7g3PF/view

Please see the rest this event description for info on the following topics regarding this conference call interview:

Instructions on how to dial-in to the call
Structure of the call
Moderator role on the call
Instructions for how to submit pre-call questions
Conference calls for other candidates


To dial-in for any of the endorsement conference calls, please follow the instructions below:

Dial (712) 770-5180 from any phone.
When prompted, enter 625121 as the access code.
Ignore the prompt for the host access code.
Join the call!


The structure for these interview calls will be as follows: 5 minutes to open the call (review structure, introduce participants, etc); 25 minutes for pre-submitted questions; 25 minutes for audience questions; 5 minutes to close out the call and review next steps.


This call will be moderated. To ensure that all call-in attendees have an equal chance to participate, moderators will create a queue for attendees who want to ask questions. The moderator reserves the right to limit the participation of any attendee who fails to abide by the queue or who behaves uncomradely toward other attendees/the candidate.


If you will not be available during the above call times and would like to ask a question of the candidates, please fill out the pre-call question form here:


We’ll consolidate questions prior to the calls to develop a list of questions that we’ll ask each candidate.


The Metro DC DSA Endorsement Committee co-chairs drafted an endorsement questionnaire in December. After approval by the Steering Committee, the Endorsement Committee made the questionnaire available for candidates to fill out. Now that candidates have submitted their completed questionnaires, chapter members can introduce resolutions for chapter-wide votes on supporting the endorsement of those candidates.

Before the endorsement votes, chapter members have several opportunities to participate in the candidate vetting process:

January 13: Candidate questionnaires available to general chapter membership.
Week of January 28 and February 4: Conference call Q&A sessions with candidates.
February 7: In-person question and answer sessions at the monthly Northern Virginia branch meeting.
February 10: Candidates address the chapter at our February general body meeting. Chapter members have opportunity to debate whether our chapter should endorse the candidates.
February 10 to February 13: Chapter members vote via online ballots as to whether we should endorse each candidate.
February 13: Votes on endorsements close. Candidates are notified of endorsement vote results.


If you have questions about the questionnaire development process, you can post a message in the #endorsements-committee channel on our chapter Slack. If you have questions about the Q&A sessions, you can contact resolution sponsor Stuart K. on Slack at @stu k or by posting in the comments on this event page.