Diego J.

Diego J.


Please describe your past and current involvement in DSA. This may include your involvement in the metro D.C. chapter, another chapter, and/or work at the national level.

I first became directly involved with Metro DSA on the day I was laid off from the Bernie 2020 Presidential Campaign, when it suspended on April 8th of last year.

After meeting with representatives of our Communications Team, I was brought on board as a digital communications strategist and social media steward for our Instagram page.

My primary contribution has been placing an increased priority on engagement and communications with other DMV based progressive organizations bringing increased attention to Metro DSA while also increasing the number of potential coalition partners for future projects.

As a result of these efforts our Instagram page has grown from 600 to more than 1800 followers while greatly increasing our engagement rates.

Why do you believe that you are a good fit for this position?

DSA is a big tent, socialist organization which works to advance the cause of socialism through both electoral and nonelectoral means. I believe my experience as both a Presidential Campaign staffer for Bernie Sanders and a volunteer organizer in NOVA and DC gives me the appreciation of both methods necessary to advance our cause to the fullest.

I believe I have been dedicated in my efforts to help our members get out the word for their events through our social media, which has increased community awareness of our work.

If elected I promise to be a strong, professional and hardworking member of our Steering Committee team and to work my ass off to do well by our organization and be responsive to the wishes and desires of our membership.

What do you hope to accomplish for the chapter if elected to this position?

As our organization moves on from the Trump era and the excitement of the two Bernie campaigns, our chapter will need to work harder than ever to increase our membership and keep people engaged.

During my time managing our social media platforms, I have noticed how often Metro DSA was left out of the lists of “activist orgs” that folks share around on social media. I wanted our Social Media comms to be more responsive to events on the ground and more willing to show support to the work of other orgs when they are worthwhile. While I have had some success I wish to continue to increase our cooperation with our progressive, socialist and anarchist allies while also boosting the work of our regional and identity caucuses more consistently.

What pronouns do you use?

I prefer to use (They/Them) though to avoid conflicts with family, I allow (He/Him) when in public or in their presence.

Would you describe yourself as a person of color?

Yes, I grew up in a 3/4th Mexican, 1/4th Italian, multiracial, Spanish speaking household in Southern California. Growing up neurodivergent with Aspergers and attending elementary school in fairly white Orange County, I was frequently bullied, because of my nonwhite sounding name, my different mannerisms and my Latino heritage. I believe growing up with this minority experience while tough increased my sense of empathy for people, especially the weak and vulnerable and adds an intersectional perspective to my advocacy of socialism.