Metro DC DSA has five standing committees. Committees are intended to oversee the chapter’s health and function, and to facilitate our other structures — working groups and caucuses — to do the work they’re passionate about. Read the formal description of each committee in our Chapter Bylaws.

Steering Committee

Ryan M. (Secretary), Brian W. (Treasurer), Irene K. (At-Large), Paola S. (At-Large), Stu K (At-Large), Ali M. (At-Large), Rachel B. (At-Large), Tim Z. (At-Large), Peter G. (At-Large), Kurtis H. (At-Large), Gabe R. (At-Large)

If you would like to submit an item for a future Steering Committee agenda, please create a Red Desk ticket and select help topic: “Steering Meeting Agenda Item.” Steering Committee minutes are posted to our Minutes and Historicals page as they are completed.

Slack: #steering for discussion, meeting agendas, and updates; #steering-votes for asynchronous voting outside of regularly-scheduled committee meetings.

Administrative Committee

Zach E. (Co-Chair), Brian W. (Co-Chair)

Committee discussion takes place on a private channel that can be joined by invitation if you would like to help with AdCom work. If you have administrative questions or need assistance, let us know in #helpdesk.


Endorsements Committee

Caleb-Michael F. (Co-Chair), vacant (Co-Chair)

Charged with all communications and processing of political candidates who seek the Chapter’s endorsement. An administrative body that remains neutral on ideological motivation of candidates and conducts the administrative tasks of processing all endorsement applications, regardless of political party or office sought.

Slack: #endorsement-committee

Finance Committee

Brian W. (Chair)

We’re actively looking to build out this committee! If you have experience or interest in budgeting, financial organization or reporting, fundraising, compliance, bookkeeping, or regular old spreadsheeting, please get in touch! The Compliance Subcommittee works within the finance committe to provide the necessary legal and financial oversight our electoral work requires for the chapter to stay in compliance with DC, Maryland, and Virginia campaign finance codes across election cycles.

Slack: #finance

Internal Organizing Committee

Brandon H. (Co-Chair), Luke R. (Co-Chair)

Slack: #ioc