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Kurt Stand explores the breakthrough qualities of the March for Our Lives and of the young people who fueled its passion.
Kurt Stand brings a personal and deep-time view of the issues, their historical context and the stakes.
THE WEEKEND before the November 6 election is kinda set aside for canvassing, door-knocking etc. See below, ANC project GOTV. Also Saturday at 2 PM, a business/planning meeting for the ongoing Stomp Out Slumlords canvass. But TODAY (Friday, Nov. 2) a mass response to the threat to close Providence Hospital spearheaded by unionized nurses and […]
To bring about that change means not only endurance and a deep-rooted humanism; it requires, as well, the critical intelligence that goes to the roots of injustice. Only by understanding the strength that lies in people and by understanding the strength of institutions and ideologies designed to hold people in check can popular movements build the linkages and connections that are essential to move from resistance to transformation.
Action reports, campaign updates, articles and event schedules for October 2018
One-stop noncommodification of what's coming up for MDC DSA, local socialism and human progress in the near- and not-so-near term. Well, yes, there IS a pitch for swag... Remember, check here for items that came to us after the email was sent; they will be in green text.
All the details about this weekend's GBM, October's Convention, local and national action reports and what's ahead. If you're a socialist, ignorance is the last thing on your mind. Dig in.
Labor militance and organization [in the post-Civil War era enabled workers to make meaningful gains against corporate power. But the failure to organically connect those strands of struggle together meant that the potential of working-class power and unity was not realized.
What Labor Day Means It’s the capitalist substitute for the more historically militant May Day, as many Labor Day issues past have recounted – see Kurt Stand’s 2015 article here. But it still rocks. And it is the traditional day when average folks in the US suddenly look up and realize there will be an […]
Summary Rules Convention Packet Bylaw Amendments Resolutions Public Statements Register Summary This year’s Local Convention will be held Sunday, October 14 3pm-8pm at Friends Meeting of Washington. Convention Setup: Sunday, October 14, 12pm-3pm. Sign up to volunteer and register to attend. Need to renew your dues? Do it now! Please note the following deadlines: Bylaw […]