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to build workplace democracy, demand a right to housing, confront immigration detention profiteers, stand up to Amazon, ensure a just transition, and fight fascism. DSA’s membership is currently the largest in our history, with approximately 70,000 national members and growing every day. Our organization is ever-evolving to confront the challenges presented by capitalism, fascism, and systemic inequality.

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Washington Socialist

The monthly Washington Socialist informs readers about perennial and evolving aspects of democratic socialism. Each issue includes essays, briefs, and articles covering topics oriented to specific local campaigns and socialist analysis.


Night School

Learn and discuss the nature and tenets of socialist ideology, organizing, and action. These group discussions are intended for members old and new.

Defund MPD

Here in DC, militarized policing is terrorizing black and brown communities instead of keeping people safe. Its bloated budget starves our communities of resources and diverts money from non-police violence reduction programs. You can send Mayor Bowser and the D.C. Council a letter here demanding we fund social programs that directly benefit the people of DC

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Joining DSA means making a commitment to cooperation and solidarity. Join and help us build working class power, further democratic socialist ideas in the United States, and fight to democratize our economy and society.